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Nate Dog - Orlando?

Nate dog…are you from Orlando? I caught a thread that you mentioned O-town in. That is where i dwell. You also said the you listened Ian King in Orlando? Just wondering what that was about too…Drop me a line and let me know.

Sped, my man! What’s happening in O-town? Nah, I’m not in Jamlando, I’m up in Gainesville. I went to Orlando for the seminar back in February that T-mag held. It was quite cool, and Ian taught us some basic stuff about program design and put us through an intense stretching session as well as taking us to a local gym to learn proper technique on a variety of exercises. Every once in a while, me and some friends go to O-town for a little partying. Last time I went was late February when we went to the Groove at City Walk. :slight_smile:

Nate Dog…you didn’t by any chance play Football at UF…I got a few friends on the team and they are always calling o-town Jamlando…

Maybe if I was bigger Sped. I would have loved to play football for UF. But being too damn small, and never playing sports as a kid, I definitely missed out on that ever happening. Me and my friends use Jamlando for Orlando, Hotlanta for Atlanta and a few others. Just some lingo that people pick up on and use often. Especially if they live in Florida and frequent other cities for some partying! :slight_smile:

Dang guys, I’m jealous. I wanna live in Florida. I just got back from Destin and I didn’t want to leave. My hubby and I are actually planning to move to your state, but we’re not sure how long it would take. He’d have to find a nice paying IT job, we’d have a house to sell, find a place to rent while looking for a house etc. So, where do you guys think is the best place to live in Florida? I’ve heard Panama City is run down from the college kids, and small cities won’t have the type of job my man needs. What about Pensacola? Or Miami? Where do you guys think would be the ideal place to live in Florida?

Ironbabe, it depends on what you like. Your man could easily find a job in the big cities: Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, probably Tally and maybe here in Gville…but it would be tough here. I personally love Gainesville. It’s a college town, but not a city. Very suburban, no buildings. Very clean. It’s a friendly city, well-educated, young, hip, fun, and a great place to raise a family. I personally would never move to Miami. And I’ve thought about Orlando and Tampa, and they are possibilities. But I would have to live on the outskirts. I hate the big city (used to live in one up North). And I don’t want to go back. But if I chose between them, I’d more than likely go to Jax beach area (not Jacksonville, way too city for me and dirty). And possibly Tampa or Orlando. But like I said, it would have to be on the outskirts. If you want to know more, hit me back.

Ironbabe, I think Orlando or Tampa are probably the best places to live in Florida,
but of course a lot depends on what you like… if you like beaches, or especially beaches in the winter, you may prefer other places, or if you prefer the country then these cities would not be the best, though there are areas near Orlando that are nice.

I don’t live in either place, BTW, but may move

Tampa is cool, Im 25 and was born and raised here, so I guess that makes me a "tampon". There is always something to do here in this city...but if you live more up north and havent been here before get ready for some nasty ass heat in the summer, the humidity is usually the culprit, but it`s the price you pay to live here I suppose.

On a related note: When I go back to
university, I’m thinking of going in FL or
Cali (warm weather). It seems that the only
“real” unis in FL are U Miami, U FL Gainsville
and FL state in Talahasse (sp?) Is that right?
Are there any other major universities in FL?

Free, you pretty much hit the main universities. You have smaller places like UCF, USF, Florida Atlantic and FAMU. But pretty much UF, UM, and FSU, are the main schools. UF definitely is one of the most affordable and nicest colleges in Florida. The campus is beautiful too. Many people think FSU is kind of crappy. And UM is great if you can afford it! :slight_smile: Come to UF. Be a Gator!

Where we live will depend mostly on where he can find a nice job, but my ideal place would be a clean city, living on the outskirts, but close enough to the city action. The beach is great, but I’m willing to drive to it rather than live on it. I don’t really want to be in the country, I’m a tennessee girl and have been around horses, cows, chickens etc for way too long. It’s been my parents dream to be country people, not mine (they came from California). I’ve been to Gainsville, my hubby had to travel there for a work related thing and I came along. I guess I don’t know the place, because it didn’t seem like there was much to do. I guess you have to live in a place to know what is available. As for humidity, we get a good bit of that here in Nashville, that’s no big deal. I look forward to starting my gardening earlier than I can in Tennessee. My hubby wants to know if there is anyone out there who needs a network guru/managment/jack of all IT trades or knows of someone who does. (My husband is a computer genius - you should hear how his bosses brag on him)

I live in Orlando. Grew up in Lakeland which is half way between Orlando and Tampa. Went to UF. I like Orlando and Tampa, never been to Miami. Jacksonville looked nice. Didn’t care for Tally. The weather is getting to me though. Too dry and hot. Smokey lately with all the fires. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, but my blood has definitely thinned out:-) Go Gators.

Ironbabe-I moved to Tampa in Nov. of '99. I work for the airlines and before that was in the USAF so I have lived in several cities/states. Tampa is my fifth station with the airline. Came here from Salt Lake City. How I miss the beautiful mountains… When I first got here I absolutely hated the place. Now I am more used to it. I certainly wouldn’t say I love it here. Besides Utah, I’ve lived in Vegas, Calif. (both north and south), and Houston. What I miss living here like I said is the mtns. Looking at the landscape and the horizon and seeing, well nothing. I consider myself a westerner so the east coast doesn’t do much for me. I gotta have some wilderness.

My point is the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. Each place I lived had good points and not so good points. Keep in mind if you move here, it is verrrry overcrowed. Shitty, shitty traffic. My auto insurance doubled here. Ripoff. There is very little undeveloped land here, not many places to find solitude. I miss being able to go camping in the mountain west. You will have to share this place with a bizillion people. Some time ago, New York colonized Fla. You will hear more NY accents here than you will southern twangs. In the southern coastal cities that is. There is of course, also the horrible humidity which is now kicking in and will last till Oct. "Winters" are two or three weeks long of fifty degree weather. Then its back to the 70degree stuff. My perception is that three fourths of all people here smoke. That shit is nasty. Unlike CA, this is not a health conscious place. And if you want the "action" of the big city, you'll have to take the crime, overcrowding, and traffic mess that goes with it. So look at what you have before you toss it all away. I can blow this place off anytime I want. That is the beauty of airline work. Don't have to quit my job to relocate. So take your time in making the decision. Hope this is of some help.

Nate Dogg: Thanks for the info. I’ve heard
from others who say that FSU is crappy. If I
decide on FL I would probably go with UF or
UM. But I’m looking at 2 unis in CA and 2
elsewhere as well. If I go for Gator land,
I’ll let you know.

Steve- thanks for the input, but it seems we have different tastes. I’ve grown up seeing mountains (albeit small ones) every day on the horizon, and have always had camping available. I’m tired of the cold and I’d love to have short winters. Ever since I lost my bodyfat I can’t stand winter. Crowding and traffic in nashville is horrible too, it can take and hour and a half to get to work. Crime is as rough here as anywhere. Yes it is more lush here in Tennessee, but I’ve been here since second grade and I need a new environment. I won’t miss the trees, I won’t miss the solitude - I’ll have my house for that. All in all, every time I visit Florida I don’t want to come home. After calculation it will take us a year to a year and a half to get there properly, but we are still in planning stages. To each his own.

I would not call UCF a “smaller” university. I go there, and there is 34,000 students and they are projecting up to 40,000 in the next five years…JAS - i live in Orlando as well, and the funny thing about it that i also grew up in Pittsburgh, well actually it was greensburg, but no on knows where the hell that is.

Ironbabe–forgot to mention the most obvious factor of life in Fla. HURRICANES. It’s not a matter of if, but when. If you live anywhere near the coast, you will have to board up your house and flee two or three times a year. Fact of life. At least, unlike the quakes in Cal., you know it’s coming. Of course, everytime you come here you don’twant to leave. Who wants to go home when they’re on vacation? Yes, one does grow fond of year round summer and year round tans. And beaches. Hell, I’ve been here longer than I expected. Tough to leave eighty degree winters.