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Nate Diaz


Whens the UFC gonna give this guy someone to fuckin wreck him already?

I cant stand watching that scrawny, goofy talking/looking bastard getting these submissions given to him by guys like peligrino or guillard. I cant wait to see someone put him out cold for the first time, in fact i hope he keeps winning so they give him BJ and i get to see the first death in the cage.

Other than that, super exciting card tonight, i loved the quarry fight, the guys not that quick or technically superior but he leaves it all in the cage.


I wanted to see him get KO'd too. Guillard was doing well and even dropped him but then got careless. He's got a good chin just like his brother though.


I love Diaz bros.


WAR 209


"fuck gasper gomez and fuck the fucking diaz brothers!"


what a pathetic thread


i really like watching Nate fight....he can take some amazing hits, and his BJJ is damn good.

but, he is a cocky bastard.


i won't claim to know shit about technical aspects of mma but WTF is he trying to flex?????????????!!!!!!!!


aint no one gonna knock out nate or nick..


the arms, that are attached to the fists, that would beat your face in.


No kidding. A guy with sick bjj that can also take a punch. I guess he sucks.

Personally, I think he's the lightweight version of Big Nog. He can take a few shots while waiting for you to make a mistake. He is going to have better competition in the lightweight div, but will still beat a lot of people. He is a solid mid-tier guy that will always have a shot at submission of the night.

I can't stand his attitude but I do like watching him fight.


he's a good fighter, unlike his brother with that sissy pawing jab, but a higher ranking LW would hand him his ass. Thats why they wont put him in the cage with one.


I would like to see him get a rematch with Pellegrino. Kurt clearly won the first round, and got a horrible position when he tried to slam him. Nate capitalized but I am pretty sure Kurt has what it takes to win. If Kurt gets another Win here, they may meet again in the near future.



Its not that i dont think hes a good fighter (i dont even know if id like to call him good) i just think his success has been due to fighting poor competition, or fighters that have underperformed against him and made stupid mistakes (guillard, and especially pelligrino)

I dont like him as a person though i do enjoy watching him fight, i cant wait to see him get absolutely smashed by high level competition if the UFC ever puts him in there with them.


I think he should get re-match fight against Hermes Franca(whether he wins or loses tomorrow)next. Franca submitted him back in '06.


I like watching this guy fight. He's weird but he pulls it off. but agreed I'd like to see him fight some high level competition.


Maynard, Griffin, Sherk, Edgar, Florian and of course BJ

All guys i think would absolutely smash him (BJs kind of a no brainer) but i dont think the UFC will put him against anytime soon.


hahahahah he already subbed Maynard.


Nate Diaz Vs Gray Maynard (From TUF 5)



But can Nate do it again is the question. Maynard is on a roll right now and is improving in huge amounts. A rematch would be awesome at this point.