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Natalie Portman


Dammit is this girl in EVERY movie in the last year?

Black Swan
No Strings Attached
Your Highness
Fuckin' Thor

and Hesher.

Until today I knew nothing of this Hesher movie until a coworker said Joseph Gordon Levitt is in it, so I checked the trailer.

Only to see Portman.

She's good lookin, she's a good actress, I'm sure she put a lot of movies in the can before planning a pregnancy, but damn.

Obviously Thor was coming out no matter what, but the presence of her in these other films begs the question;

Is it her Oscar win that prompted the release of No Strings, Highness, and Hesher? I admittedly don't know dick about the movie biz, but as an avid fan of movies it really seems like the current industry is saturated with Portman right now.



It's feast or famine in that business so she took what she could get. After Thor it looks like she doesn't have anything else going on, so in a year or two everybody will be wondering if she fell off the earth.


She is the woman that let's me know how gay guys see pretty women.

What I mean is that I recognize her beauty but find that I'd have to sit down and really concentrate to get wood over her.


Possibly timing. Russel Brand's ugly mug seems to be everywhere as well.


this is pretty damn accurate


She's preggo I believe she is taking time out to do that.


Ha! I bet you wouldn't be saying that if she were talking to you face to face and then made physical contact, like putting her hand on your arm or some shit. You'd go from 2 to ?? in 0.5.


What a perfect opportunity to use this gif!

I do sort of agree with you though, but only because of the no earlobes thing.


Unbelievable the shit that flies in SAMA. But post one little nipple & they're on you like flies on shit.

My original post was, do you think the same thing now Nards?


All of you are Blasphemers!!! That is one fine bitch right there, as is referenced in this post:


But to speak on the sudden saturation of her in movies: Winning an oscar is almost like a cash cow for movie studios and the actors who win them. Some movies are filmed edited and sit on a shelf somewhere until the execs feel the market is ready for them. So if you have a movie "in the can" that has a star who just recently won an Oscar it is smart business sense to release it.

That being said, I would lay a metropolis worth of pipe on her fine ass.


Nice pic Print but definitely photo shop


Clearly our tastes in actresses differ greatly


I never really noticed, but now that you mention it. Still, she looks fine wet.


I see what some of the people in this thread are saying.

She's more beautiful than hot. The two aren't always the same.


I'm not even really concerned with her hotness.

I have to believe that there must be other actresses out there who could be getting these roles.

She has to be at the top of everyone's casting list though, must be pretty versatile.


This is not a chick you fuck... you make sweet love to her!

Not only is she beautiful but she's intelligent too!


Fun fact: 2011 is looking to be the shittiest movie year in a long time.




Yeah, I wasn't disparaging anyone who likes her...I'm just saying that I see that she is beautiful, but I just don't think of having sex with her. Though it is true that were she to come into my room right now, and if she had the 8 beers that she'd need in order to come anywhere near wanting me to touch her at all, then I'm sure I could find it in my heart to do it.


Gay ^