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Natalie Maines breaks off Dixie Chicks...

 ...and teams up with 'musical deity' Saddam Hussein. That's right!

 CDs now available in stores, get yours now!

Yeah, whatever.

How come nobody complained about a dork like Rush Limbaugh, who made his entire career out of razzing President Clinton the entire time he was in office?

Oh, I get it now, it’s okay when it’s “your team”. This has nothing to do with “embarassing the president during a military conflict”.

It’s all good, just recognize the hypocrisy, that’s all I’m saying…

 Got some thoughts to share? 

 ...Cause Im still waiting to hear them.

 Cursive rambling babbling comes out of the mouths of baboons too - but I aint holding my breath on that one.

Lumpy…I am a military officer and was active duty when Clinton was in office.
Clinton NEVER went to war so he couldn’t have been critized like you are alledging Rush did to him. Clinton only TALKED tough…He didn’t back it up!

Rush a dork? Rush is in good company with republicans like myself…like Ahhnold…Heston…Woods…and the list goes on and on.
Your a disgrace to bodybuilders and a disgrace to this website! No…YOUR the DORK

Go Rush…go Arnold “The Oak” S. …go Prez Bush…


diesel, how come you haven’t joined the marines yet?

Have you joined the marines yet Deisel?

Sorry Lumpy,
But you are wrong or have a very, very short memory. Let’s forget about Hilary and remember Al Franken’s book.
Plus a quick search on the internet will find plenty of anti-Rush articles.
Here’s an exercise for ya - read Slander by Ann Clouter or Bia book at bettter book stores now.
Best of Luck

 Went to MEPS (physical examination) and finished my ASVAb test last week with a score of 92. Now's all I gotta do is choose my MOS (military occupational specialty) and Im all set to go to boot camp in October.

  My choices are Crew chief for rotary wing (Chinook, Huey, CH-53, or th revered Super-Cobra). As a crew chief Ill also be the door gunner, fly in missions, receive survival training in different environments, POW training, and if I'm top of my class Ill be offered a chance to go through 1)Special ops Marine Recon training and indoctrination, 2)Parachute jumping, 3)(I forgot whats the third one).

  My other choice is flight engineer, where Ill be part of the actual flight crew, and receive plenty of time flying the aircraft.

  Im also considering nuclear, chemical and biological warfare specialist - the guy responsible for identifying WMD.

  And there's intelligence, which would open up doors for me in the future should I wish to join the FBI.

Actually, maybe you should just take a job at McDonalds.

It’s funny that Bill Clinton being in office was an excellent thing for Rush Limbaugh’s career. Now he doesn’t have as much to complain about.

deisel23 no offense if you are planning on going to the FBI. When you get out of the military.

The military is not whats goining to get you into the FBI. FBI candiantes are pick more on the college education, or a unique major. For example they are problaly more incline to hire someone that can speak a second language or accountant then a Military person.

Diesel if you are going in as a (6172-6174) crew chief there is no way possible for you to get into recon. What is that recruiter filling you with??? By the way how is your eye sight and second…0300 is the only way to go when your in the Corps.

WTF? Why the hell does everyone have a problem with what she said? So she’s embarrassed that the president is from her state. So she’s opposed to going to war. Who gives a crap?

She’s allowed to have an opinion. So am I and so are you. She just happens to be in a band that writes some popular songs, so she gets a bigger audience to speak her mind. Don’t agree with her and don’t want to listen to her talk? Don’t go to her concerts.

However, ClearChannel pushing banning their music is stupid. Just points out another problem with the deregulation of media markets, and the ability of an administration to push it’s agenda on the American media.

Diesel, am I mistaken or is this the second thread you started, devoted entirely to the Dixie Chicks? Do you have a crush on 'em or do you really just have that much time on your hands?
You know, it would be sadly ironic (and also a testament to a declining education system) if you ever made it into the Federal Bureau of INTELLIGENCE. Ok i know that was mean…sorry i couldn’t help it hehe =)

Question~Why the hell should a dixie chick (or ANYONE, for that matter) be forced to appologize for expressing disapproval of the president’s tactics?! Why should they be black-listed and their music banned because of this?