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go to rotten.com and check out the weightlifter pic.

I wont go see it but I guess its as disgusting as that fire extinguisher scene in the movie Irreversible.

So that’s why we haven’t seen Goldberg around lately!

I believe it’s fully covered on snopes.com. Though a fake, it is awfully disgusting.

this site showed it a couple of months ago. and there is an article to go with it if you search, so im not sure it is fake. if its not, my heart goes out to the guy

its not a fake.

Pauly I dont think it’s Goldberg, It seems to me it might be Squat1000.

It is a fake. The picture has popped up a few times and the chairman of the USAPL in that state has confirmed that there was no meet at the time this is claimed to have occured at in the state. Besides, I don’t know if you’ve ever worn a squat suit, but your bowels would not blow through material that is as strong as that. Also, assuming your bowels could possibly rip through a suit it would be in tatters, not cut into a perfect circle. Furthermore, rectal prolapses don’t usually, if ever, look quite like that.

Actually I’m fairly certain it’s a fake.
Keith Hobman seemed sure of it (in an “I know it’s fake” kind of way not “it must be fake”) on misc.fitness.weights
Besides it wouldn’t be the only time t-mag showed fake pics (i.e. the blackout pic.)