Nasty subject-Stretch Marks

I’ve read that many male athletes get stretch marks around their low back or under the arms. Be that as it may, any fat person tends to get them as well.

I’m a reforming fat man who’s dropped about 60 pounds of flab and am actually getting to the point where I could take my shirt off in public, except one thing, stretch marks.

Does anyone here have experience with them? Do they ever go away? I’ve read that they’re with you for life, which really, really sucks.

Am I as screwed as I think I am? I figure someone here should have knowledge of them, as they tend to happen to anyone who gets either:

A: really fat
B: really buff

Either way the skin is stretched beyond what it’s designed for.

Of course some genetic factors come into play, some people can be skinny with stretch marks, some people can be buff as shit and never get them…