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Nasty Leg Cramp, What Now?

I was doing day 11 of ABBH this morning and on the 3rd giant set my leg cramped up so bad around the hamstrings on the squats that I had to stop the workout. This wasn’t the usual muscle burning or anything and I was afraid if I continued I would hurt myself.

2 questions;
Does this have anything to do with the fact that I had a few beers last night,
What do I do now, Do I
a.) go back the tomorrow or the day after and try the same workout again

b.)Go back the day after tomorrow and do the next workout (day 13) and forget about the bad workout

c.)Do todays workout in place of day 19


I got a leg crap when I was doing jump on one leg cardio joging, I took it easy 2 days then I started again.
start light and if you feel pain , then go to the nurse =)