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Nasty Headaches

I live a low-stress life, and I almost never have headaches outside of the gym, and never did until a short time ago. I am fine all day and all of my workouts besides leg day. After I do my bulgarian split squats on one leg (first exercise of the day), I get a ridiculous pounding headache that feels like I got hit with a hammer. Does anybody else have this happen to them, or am I just dieing of something that I don’t know about?

I get bad headaches in the gym if I don’t stay hydrated. I drink a bunch of water before I go, small amounts during, and a lot after.

Do you also feel weak and light-headed? If so you are most likely dehydrated. I get the same thing.

Or, examine how you are breathing during your leg exercises. If you are holding your breath a bit too long you can cause headaches due to the increase in blood pressure.

Google exertional headaches. Many people here have suffered from them. It is something to consider, not a medical diagnosis.

thanks guys. I’ll up water intake and see what happens. and check out exertional headaches

two possibilities. One, if u are using a strait bar on ur back, my guess would be that you are positioning it to high on ur traps. Try to lower it down ur back a little to take the stress off ur neck. If you arent using a bar on ur back then its probabally a breathing issue. Could be hydration, but as long as you arent sweating a rediculous amount more during ur leg day than you do on the others, i would rule that out.