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Nasty Ass Smokers!!!!

I want to know what all the T-Men and T-women are doing about smoking in public. I for one have taken it upon myself to make sure I comment to every fucking smoker I see with in a breath of me. If I see a smoker right in front of a door way or a hall. They get blasted. I will say something like, “You inconsiderate fuck. Do you really think everyone wants to breath your shit stick?” I have only been doing this for a few weeks now, and I must say it is very liberating. You should see the shameful looks they get when they realize that they are pissing someone off that much. They are so dispicabe they just wadle off with their tail between their legs. Today I was driving and this guy was smoking with all the windows open with the cig hanging out the window and his wife and kid in the back seat. I had to yell at this fuck at the light. I simply told him, “You are a great father. You fucking idiot I can smell that shit from my car over here.” I have come to realize this new behavior of mine is just like kicking a dog while it’s down. Except in this case I might just get them to keep their nasty little addiction to themselves. Anybody with me?

Where I live, the city has banned smoking in public places, so inside buildings it isn’t a problem anymore. Getting into the buildings, on the other hand, is a problem, because naturally, the smokers all congregate just outside the doors for their butts. I just hold my breath, wave my hands wildly and barrel through them. I have never been too discreet about my disapproval of smoking, although I’ve never come out and yelled at people for it…yet!

Got a little temper there.

Hahaha, smokers are annoying as fuck. Maybe if they realize how much people can’t stand them they’ll get some will power and stop trying to kill everyone else while they’re killing themselves. My gf’s parents smoke like chimney’s, i can’t stand going over there for more than 10 minutes ot pick her up because I stink for the rest of the day then.

Mr. Mackey, right on! Please don’t stop with verbal assaults! You’d feel much better beating the crap out of smokers. Now you can experience intolerance from the point of view of the Taliban and Al Queda because your post shows you have the same mentality. Wait a minute, maybe if you physically assault the next smoker he/she may beat the shit out of you-better stick to cowardly yelling of insults! By the way, I don’t smoke.

Do you yell at the guys who drive diesel trucks too?

Cigs will kill many more Al queda than we ever will so for that I am grateful. As for my own country men/women, don’t smoke around me. keep that shit in you house. I will have you know Cool Owl, I always stand there in their face looking at them with disgust until they leave or try something. None of them has ever stepped up. Do you really think there is 9-5 working skinny fuck who smokes a pack a day that can take a very in shape martial arts training T-MAN??? Do you? Shit head! I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go out and defend smokers against guys like me. You are a fucking shit bag if you just accept that smokers aren’t bothering anybody. What would you do if you walked your kid to the park and there was a guy reading a hustler right in front of your 7 year old daughter???What would you do? Pussy. You would probably leave, but I being a T-MAN would tell that motherfucker to keep it in his house. Same for anyone smoking a cig around me or my family.

This really pisses me off. I’m not a smoker, but smokers have rights, too. There are not top ventilated smoking rooms publically available, and people aren’t allowed to smoke in the bathroom or office. Fine. But you don’t want them to be able to smoke outside, either? It may be annoying for you. Mimes annoy me, but I don’t verbally abuse them or intimate violence.

This really burns me, since Maryland has passed a law that noone may smoke in Maryland funded buildings. This means that people are no longer allowed to smoke in their dorm rooms. Further, they’re supposed to be something like 100 feet from the building, but the buildings are spaced approximately 30-40 feet apart. The only place legal to smoke is in the middle of the street. This is just the government robbing us of rights. A lot of you say you want to be able to do the illegal things that you want to do, but then want to deny others the ability to legally excercise their rights. That, to me, is more disgusting than smoking.

Quit wavin’ yer pecker around. No one really cares how “T-Mannish” you are. Open your mouth like that where I live and you’ll find out pretty quickly how much martial arts and weightlifting contribute to streetfighting skills. I agree with your point, but not the way you present it. Methinks you have something else to prove…

Smokers do not get extra rights. Look at the outside of most buildings, there is usually an ashtray or garbage can near the door. Now look at the ground, start counting the cigarette butts. You can stop counting at 50. If they smoked and didn’t ruin the environment by littering, emptying ashtrays in parking lots, and leaving their windows open so I have to smell their stench that would be one thing. But their NASTY habit intrudes on my life. I have no sympathy for smokers, sorry. If they had ANY respect for non-smokers that would be one thing, but with ONE exception, I have yet to see a smoker who doesn’t just throw their butts anywhere they feel like it. No, I will not verbally abuse them, but I still can’t stand them.

Aye carumba! I tell ya, from a asthmatics point of view - smoking sucks. When I sit next to a smoker on the bus and when I’m standing waiting for the bus and a smoker stands next to me while they’re smoking - major ick. One time, I was sandwiched between two smokers and it was a muggy, wet day - so my asthma was in full swing - I just politely asked if they could move or stop and showed them my inhaler. One moved, one stopped. If you ask politely, most will abide and stop. Nicely.

But, yes, smoking is a nasty - sad, habit. Sad because it's a habit that has absolutely no benefits whatsoever. And it also is a habit that affects OTHERS negatively.

First of all, smokers do NOT have rights. That’s correct. In the United States, rights DO NOT APPLY TO GROUPS, only to INDIVIDUALS. Every single individual citizen has, theoretically, the same legal rights as every other individual. (Except felons, etc.)

TJ, as for you being a T-Man, I say bullshit! With the behavior you described, you’re not acting like a T-Man, you’re just acting like an asshole. There’s a big difference.

I am also an asmathic. Because you do not like something doesn’t give you the right to be a prick. Plain and simple. That is not a t-man. You are lucky non so far have whooped your ass as you would have asked for it. Funny thing but most people if you ask nicely will move away from the doorway etc. If you keep up what you are doing one day you will cross the wrong fella and then well you will get yours. I have seen it a million times. Some hot shot, smart ass, picks on the wrong person and gets his ass handed to them. My personal favorite is when they assume they can “take them and the guys pulls a gun”.

Mackey, you need to get a presription for lithium. Man, you’ve got some serious mental issues because of you obvious inability to cope with reality. I’m sure you will soon have a meeting with your local law enforcement. I just hope you aren’t then introduced the fine folks who inhabit the jail-most of whom smoke.

Hey Demo. Would you ticket a smoker who throws their butt on the ground? Just thought I would remind you that doing so is your responsibility. I must admit Mr. Mackey I wish I could just walk around dropping the truth on people like that, keep it up.

All that I’ve got to say is, if you ever were to say something like that to me while I’m smoking, you better be ready to fight, and I’d suggest you be carrying a gun. I’d also suggest that you don’t miss with that first shot. You’re only going to get one because I’m going to be all over you.

Do you own the air you stupid fuck? If I were smoking and you said something to me I would tell you to go fuck yourself you moron. If you wanted to take it further, bring it on…

For all of you who think I will wind up in jail for this behavior let me offer this: yes the risk of getting my ass kicked is there, but not very high. Most smokers that offend me are standing right in front of places I am walking into. they stand in groups for the most part and there is usually a lot of traffic. let me remind you that freedom of speech is a right I possess. I can say whatever the fuck I want and if you wanna come get some then I will be the one defending myself. I am not threatening these people, just simply giving them the brutal unfiltered truth. So you see, if a smoker trys to kick my ass for saying something he/she is in the wrong and will be doing so in front of many people. That is the point. Humiliation works wonders!!! do you think I walk up to 300 lbs mo fo’s in dark alleys? BTW LOGAN. You smoke. You are not a T-Man. Go over to that NAAFA board where they will be nice and tell you it isn’t your fault. Now if the smoker has a gun I might have a little problem, but if not I will just break into a light jog to humiliate you. Patricia made the best point of all. Why do we need to look at their trash laying on the ground every where? FUCK ALL Cig Smokers!!! They are not just hurting themselves and I am not hurting anyone except the lousy fuck that is smoking in my vicinity. PS. Logan, wanna get in a ring??? I like easy pickens!

Sometimes a man “must be an asshole to be king of his mutha fuckin castle.”- Ice Cube

You know, I was cruising through the NAAFA board today and I saw that T J Mackey handle (your name, I assume), and thought I’d seen it before. So now it comes together. For any one not interested in going over there, here’s his post (second one, the first was apparently deleted): “I made a post earlier that obviously got pulled without anyone really reading it. However my question was serious. I am 6’4” 300 lbs. I graduated high school at just under 200lbs. Why is that such an absurd question? My triglycerides are off the charts and so is cholesterol. I have had friends get thin with the use of Methamphetamine and they seem to have no adverse effects. So I come here to ask a simple question to get some different views on the subject. Speed and Obesity pose basically the same risks. So why not? I am not
here to bash fat people. But I do want to SOLVE my problem." So TJ, which is it? You’re some huge mofo that can take on any one, or the fat guy who’s possibly looking at speed to “solve” his problem. You can get away from some one who’s not gonna take your BS by loping away at a light jog, or you’re one unhealthy guy who’s a candidate for a heart attack at any minute. Which is it? And for the record, with the type A, high strung nature you’re showing by the BS you dish out to smokers, you’d better get that blood pressure checked as well.