Nastiest thing

Just a quick question. What’s the nastiest thing you ever did/ate on a bulking cycle to gain weight?

I only ask because a friend of mine is currently bulking, and here's one of his favorite "snacks": He takes a protein bar and scoops peanut butter straight out of the jar with the damn thing, THEN he dips it in protein powder. I watched this for about 5 minutes and couldn't decide whether to applaud his dedication, or choke and look away.

Anyway, whatch'all been eating to git so dern big?

Well, my experiments creating protein drinks has yielded some interesting results. If I mix 1 cup of milk, 1 scoop of whey powder, 1 cup of frozen berry mix (blueberry/strawberry/raspberry), 2 tablespoons of oil and about 4 oz of white grape juice, no problem.

But if I add in a 1/4 cup of 8-grain wheatless oatmeal, there’s some sort of reaction with the natural fruit pectin an it turns the whole quart into a gelatinous grey pile of goop. It looks like I’m eating puke. I need a spoon to eat it. But the worst part is when I put that mixture in a leaky container and took it on a 7-hour airplane flight with me. It spilled out into the clothing in my carry-on and made everything reek.

Sounds pretty damn delicious to me!

My buddy used to drink bacon grease when he was in HS.

Don’t flame me for this, i’m fairly new at nutrition and supplements and what not. But what is the reasoning for mixing oil into protein shakes? Fat?

Some people mix flax oil or any oil just for added calories. I would rather drink the oil first then drink my shake.

Yes, mixing in ‘clean’ oil such as flax seed oil is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also a really compact source of calories.

Paul Anderson used to put RAW MEAT in his shakes.

What is the point of eating something nasty on a bulking cycle or ever for that matter?

Big Boy Shake: Favorite MRP + 16oz. of half and half and 4oz. of water.

I thought guys putting tuna in their protein shakes was gross, but thats disgusting!..did it work…?!

To this day I liquify a can of tuna in the blender and drink it. Sometimes I’ll even blend it with a diet cola instead of water. YUMMY :smiley:

5’9" & 380lbs with a 1200 squat? Oh yeah.

That is nasty! That would gag a maggot!!

lol. Well I cant take credit for that creation. Actually I read that IFBB pro Ernie Taylor would make this drink. I first thought this guy was insane. Then one ‘bored’ day I decided to see just how crazy he was. So I tried it. Lets just say just say its an aquired taste. But seeing how I always have a problem getting enough calories in… I had to aquire it :slight_smile:

Hydrolyzed casein… and you thought hydrolyzed whey was bad… guh!

That 5"9 stuff has your name on it. :wink:

My current mega shake is pretty unpleasant, something like the ‘grey mass’ described above. 4 pints skim milk, 3 scoops whey, 4/5 tablespoons of flax, 1 1/2 lbs of cottage cheese, 4 cups of oats blended and downed! I also eat PB from the jar at my desk from work, along with those little cans of mackerel. The alltime worst thing I have ever done is when I was really late - like the guy above I blended Tuna but this time with oats; pinched my nose and downed - and yes the word to use is ‘rank’.