Nasser's synthol scabs! at the Arnold

 Did anyone else notice the big scabs Nasser had on his rear delts at the Arnold Classic? He didn't even finish in the top six.  Flex Wheeler was at the Muscle Mag stand and he must be down about 50lbs.  Stacey Lynn the fitness model, from Muscle Mag, must be up a good 25 pounds.  
 I was wondering what those scabs were from on Nasser's shoulders. Lee Priest looked awesome!  Watch out Ronnie!  Here comes Jay!
I am surprise Nasser finished 10th.  He came in 2nd at the olympia back in '97, right behind Dorian. He is really going down hill.

All I have to say is that Cutler will have no chance at this year’s Olympia. Coleman’s best will destroy Jay’s best. The only way Cutler can win is if Ronnie is off again. I’m betting we see Ronnie bring out all the stops this year.

How can u tell who looks better? I mean,Ronnie and Jay look the same to my untrained eyes.Care to share?

 Chris..are y'all one of Ronnies homies?  We'll y'all better pick y'all friend up off the ground when y'all lose to the new Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler.  What a better spokesperson for a Mr. Olympia and the sport.  At least Jay speaks correct English and not that made up language.

I reckon they should call off the Olympia this year. This isn’t bodybuilding anymore, more like gutbuilding. They all look shocking, then you hear about this synthol shit and you dont know who to believe. Personally i have given up on taking much interest on steroid bodybuilders. I now like the Natural Bodybuilding shows.
I find it repulsive how someone can stick implants in their bodies to make themselves look bigger onstage. Its wrong, how could these people live with themselves. Especially when they retire, knowing that even with fake muscles they couldn’t win jack shit. Over the last 10 or so years, the only bodybuilders that looked like something were Flex Wheeler and Ronnie Coleman in 1998. But hang on a minute, i hear that Flex done synthol and Ronnie is now pregnant.
Something needs to be done, the judges should make a stand and not reward people that look like they ate a whole cow just before posing with an Olympia. In my mind the biggest problems in Bodybuilding are, Growth Hormone and Synthol.
They should test for Growth Hormone if possible and Synthol should be banned, wiped off the face of the earth. Anyone caught doing it should be given a severe penalty, maybe some time in jail.

doesn’t surprise me that Flex is down so much weight… he has retired from competition and from drug use! i read an interview with Flex himself in muscular development. he has stopped competing b/c of bullshit judging and has stopped using juice b/c his religion doesn’t condone it!

I have a feeling that Flex’s religion NEVER condoned the drug use, now it’s just a convieient excuse to use. There is probably another reason.

Does anyone know where we could see pictures of the Arnold? I checked their website and nothing’s up yet.

Well, it should be interesting to see what happens now. At the Arnold Classic Flex Wheeler confirmed that he is indeed coming back to competitive bodybuilding.

the getbig site and the ironmanmagazine site and the ifbb site contestresults/02ac/140.jpg

wtf? dood has a big gut… wonder what Arnold thinks of these doods.

 After looking at some of the pics of Nasser again, it looks like he has synthol in his left bicep as well.  His back pose is horrible.  His back is so weak, and so are his triceps in that back pose.  I guess that is why he finished 10th.  I think he needs to try a new approach for next years competitions.
Maybe Flex meant he is coming back to do the Muscle Mania??