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NASN: JMB, Dr. Lowery

This is a question for John Bereardi, Dr. Lowery, and anyone else who has a nutrition background. I recently heard of a certification agency called the "National Association of Sports Nutrition. I would very much like to learn more about nutrition and sports performance. I’m already certified by ACSM and NSCA-CSCS, and I would like to delve into the nutritional aspect of exercise. My question is, is this organization any good? Has anyone heard of it? Where else can I look for this kind of education? Thanks for the anticipated response.


All I know about the organization is that it is the one that 24Hr Fitness uses to certify new employees and I have been completely unimpressed by 99% of the trainers that work there.

hahaha… 24 hour sucks. I used to be a trainer at one of the San Francisco gyms. All the trainers there didn’t know shit about training. What they knew, they read about in Muscle and Fitness. They knew even less about nutrition. What a fuckin joke.

The 24H Fatness I was a trainer at used APEX for nutrition and training…who was partnered with NASM- National Academy of Sports Medicine, different organization than NASN. But Jason, I completely agree the trainers their are very unimpressive…I had to quit that place when the managers to try to make me use their methods…I got a little dumber every hour I spent in there.

I was also a Trainer at 24Hr Fitness, and it was the worst thing I have ever done in my life. My Excercise Physiology degree meant nothing if I could not sell… It is a sales position not a CPT one. However, I am also NASM certified, and I loved the training. It is really could if you like the idea of training the core system along with stabilizer muscles. It is not the greatest for body-builders but more for athletes, and the average population.

Jason W.>> I used to think NASM was a good cert a few years back, but I have since changed my opinion. I will admit that they do have a more progressive stance on inner unit training (or as they call it “core”) than most organizations, but after spending almost a week 9 hours per day at their cert class, I wanted to vomit, then lick it up like a cat.

Maybe JW will chime in on this, we both suffered through the seminars. I argued with their points a few times, citing studies conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and others…but the instructors got nervous and said they’d have to call corporate out in california on the cell phone so I could talk to them. I told them I had better things to do. NASM has a LONG way to go before they reach the accredation levels of NSCA, CSCS or ISSA.

Sorry about that. I misread your post. I know absolutely nothing about the NASN. I thought you were referring to the NASM. Sorry about the mix-up. Maybe somebody knows something about the NASN.