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Has anyone here taken the exam? What Im curios about is if you take the exam at a testing center or at home. Also, are the appendex’s at the end of the book included in the exam? I read somewhere that someone made payments, is that an option? Thanks for any info.

I can’t give away what was on my test. However, I can tell you that you can take it at home (just like the Corrective Exercise Specialist exam) when I took them last year. Both tests are timed so you do have to study. I doubt this format has changed. You can always call NASM and find out.

I honestly wish they are given at a proctored testing center. Some of the credibility is lost otherwise, IMO.

Cool, thanks! I thought it was done at a testing center till I read something yesterday where someone mentioned doing it at home. I knew it was an online test, but the ACE exam was online also and taken at a college testing center. I just finished reading the book and before that I read NSCAs Essentials of SnC. I do plan on re-reading the book before I take the exam but thats just because Im a paranoid freak! Thanks for the info.