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NASM Corrective Exercises Integrated Movement Protocols


I have a question about the intensity of NASM’s Corrective Exercise Protocols:

When doing corrective exercise of inhibit, lengthen, activate and integrate, can the activate and integrate, can the activate and integrate portions be done on separate days or do they have to be done on the same day, and be done right after the inhibit and lengthen segments?

From what I’m seeing in the PES book they’re listing a sample intensity of 60% x 12 reps for the integrated exercise, and no intensity listed for the activation segment.

I am curious as to if the intensity on the table is listed as 60% because the number of reps are 12, or if the reps should be done at 60% effort.


You usually do the entire inhibit, lengthen, activate and intergrate because usually that’s the muscle you’re working out for the day.

There should a sample opt model showing what you’re looking for. Activation usually is light in nasm exercise selection so probably over thinking the intensity. It’s been awhile since I’ve take a nasm test but they usually gave you more exercises that were just about engaging the muscle with body weight or band for most corrective exercises like a band walks. Intensity really isn’t the goal.

60% probably refers to 60% of the 1 rep max