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NASM Cert New Definition of Squat

Hey there T-Nation…
I’ve been a reader for the last couple months and finally decided to post. I just recently quit working at one of the biggest Globo (Golds) gyms in the US to go independent and work out of my 3 car garage. I had been told on several occasions that I focused to much on “Resistance” training as opposed to cardio and my knowledge had been questioned.

I was then doing deads, squats, cleans and good mornings throughout the week in one of the famous power curling racks and was told if I ever had a client do anything similar to what I was doing then I would be out of a job. I was just squatting to parralel.

I confronted my Fitness Manager about it and he told me that I might be too old school to train at this gym and that my squatting techniqe was from the 80’s. I’m only 23 so that can’t be right. Anyway, after the lecture he showed my the Text Book NASM squat, a guy with two twigs with any empty bar going about 25% of the way down, just enough to drop his hips back. The next day I put in my notice.

Does anybody have any other good Cert recommendations? I eventually want to get a CSCS but that is a ways down the road.
Rock on,

I’m a big fan of the NSCA CPT cert if you can’t get the CSCS. If you can get the CSCS though, get it. Bear in mind, I trained for over 2 years and the majority of what I used came from T-Nation and my own experience, not a cert. I have both NSCA and NASM. If you are just going to train out of your garage, best of luck and just get a cert that will give you good insurance. From there, learn all you can on your own, and for the love of all that is holy, know what you are telling your clients by having been there first. Don’t tell them to squat parallel, if you haven’t been doing it yourself for years.

I have no idea who you are, or your what your credibility is, so I am just making a blanket statement. My apologizes if I offend.

No offense at all, I’ve been lifting for almost 10 years, 6 being at an athletic level for shotput, discus and football primarily. I’ve also had the chance to work with some awesome speed and agility coaches and will be getting an SAC cert this spring. I would never have a client do anything I knew I couldn’t and I’m not afraid to tell them I don’t know.