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Nashville TN Gyms?


Hey i am intending on moving to nashville TN within the next month and am goin to be lookin for a gym to train at preferably not one of those purple and yellow places. Looking for a place where i wont get wierd looks for gettin shit done any place that has a prowler is a plus


Where in Nashville?


Not sure yet
I am going to be placed by an agency at a PT facility for a 13 week contract.
I requested anywhere within 1hr of Nash so it could be just about anywhere I am just trying to get an idea as to where to look down there. Thats all


MAC, FAC, and NAC are all good ones.


nice man thanks...is it bad that this is one of my major concerns for when i move down...i got problems hopefully once i know where i am going officially i will have a better idea of where i will be headed
Thanks again




thanks man will refer to that thread when i get a better idea


What are your goals? Training for anything particular? Dave Whitley a Master RKC owns his own kettlebell gym, Nashville Kettlebell. He knows his stuff and is a nice person. Just FYI.


olympia in murfeesborro is probably the best for hardcore lifting and next would be NAC where i go.... the FAC is in "ritzi" part of town and doesnt have quite the atmospere or people the NAC does.


Where's Olympia in Murfreesboro? I was just down there a couple weeks ago. Ended up at the Murfreesboro Gold's Gym. What's at Olympia?


sorry i had a brain fart. its Olympus.

(615) 895-0604

810 NW Broad St Ste 206
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

but i know alot of the strong guys at NAC and its hard to beat the atmosphere. i just with they had more than 130lb dumbells.