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Nashville Area

Anyone from that area got info on genesis weight and age clinic. Do they offer Hcg for their test shots?

Solid_Truth posted that he was about to go in July, perhaps he will comment or you can try to PM him. Nothing is mentioned on their website. I would just call and ask the simple question. I would also ask if they would offer a prescription for you to be able to self-administer the test shot yourself. The website makes it sound as if you will need to go to their office to have the shot administered every 7-10 days. Most people do not want such a shot less than twice a week. Part of the reason for the site visit for the shot is so they can justify the monthly management fee I suppose for the office visits. May be not a big deal for you or many people, but still it is easier to just self-administer. Anyway, in my opinion, another thing to ask.