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Nasdaq to Require BoD Diversity

Well, certainly not of that size and influence. But banking/ payment systems was actually the basis for the schism in this theory. Basically, the impetus for the schism would be financial deplatforming of businesses that aren’t woke enough. That is, Visa or whomever says that I can’t use my credit card to buy something or from someone if they think that person or thing is not appropriate. Then someone steps in to fill the void for people who still want to patronize those businesses. Blacklisting ensues and everyone has to decide which side of the economy they want to be on as you can’t be on both.

Obviously, it doesn’t seem like we are that close to this, but it’s interesting to consider.

Every dystopian book I was forced to read in school is coming true. “Brave New World”, “Of Mice and Men”, “1984”, “Animal Farm”. We’ve advanced so far from the 1964 Civil Rights law, that we are moving back to segregation, choosing on the basis of race and discrimination.
The good news for me is I can play either side of the coin.
Unfortunately for you strait white male honkeys, you’re walking around with a target on your back. I’m hispanic, I get to play in the Victim Olympics with a trump card.

Now we know why you don’t read anything.