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Nasal Soreness


Very often when I wake up at night, somewhere at the back of my nasal cavity it feels very dry and parched. Drinking some water helps this and I feel re-hydrated.

Is this common? Who else has experienced this?


Stop using coke.

Kidding. It sounds like low humidity to me.


sounds like alot of coke to me.


Yeah, I get this in my dorm room. It SUCKS. I know you mean it is legitimately painful.

As a shitty humidifier, my roomate has a portable water boiler that we fill up and let water boil while we're sitting in the room before bed. It actually works.


Get a netti pot...use it...cures lots of nasal problems...just don't let your wife and/or girlfriend see you using it...not very cool looking.

Split...is there anyway to like 'freeze' your avatar ? Just when the camel toe starts to burn into my retina...it moves...