NASA Upper Midwest Results!!

Another great meet put on by Greg & Susan Van Hoose. I believe there were 30 lifters from 4-5 different states. Thank you to all the lifters that supported this meet and thank you to all helped with the judging, loading, spotting,etc. Thank you Inzer Advance Designs for sponsoring this meet. Several lifters walked away with free wraps, t-shirts, gyms bag,etc.

My results are not that good because I took a major risk. I tried using a new bp shirt without breaking it in. I thought it wouldn’t matter because it’s the same size shirt that I have done 562. Also, I’m a little thicker too. I couldn’t touch 575 and 606. So, I won’t make this mistake again. Live and learn(wink)

Group Picture of the Competitors



…This is going to be a fun thread…