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NASA Scientist Claims Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite


Found that headline hiding amongst random Charlie Sheen news and other stuff this morning. Not exactly something you see every day. Now the scientist credited with the potential discovery himself reminds everyone that claims like this have been made before in the scientific community, and crumbled under the scrutiny of evidence. With that said it's still not a claim made lightly and the potential it carries is... well if found to be true it would most likely be the most incredible find in human history.

Not exactly a whole lot to discuss, just throwing it in a thread for people that may not see it otherwise(although if it ever gets confirmed that wouldn't be news that gets swept up amongst celebrity drama, it would surely be a very big deal).


Its sad commentary on what is important and not important to us. Not trying to sound self righteous because I eat up all the BS that the media spews and a regular reader and watcher of TMZ...I at least try to look deeper into the "real" noteworthy happenings, this to me is amazing...thanks for the link.


Very cool.

Either way, I think you're a close-minded fool if you think alien life doesn't exist.


I agree RSGZ, aliens may not have and may never find us but it's a pretty close minded thought to believe there is nothing else in this vast universe.


Amazing. I hope before I die, the human race can confirm some kind of intelligent life somewhere in the universe.


We ourselves cannot even comprehend how massive space is. We have found other planets, solar systems and about every star in space has something revolving around it. Again to think we are the only planet with life forms is ignorant. I hope there are other life forms in space. We have made enough movies on what not to do when they arrive and what to do when they do I think we'll be ready, kinda.


I tend to pay attention to the opinions of experts/professionals and the current prevailing opinion is that extraterrestrial life most certainly exists, but also that we're simply spread too far apart for that to matter much

But that's given our current understanding, and who's to say when the next Newton or Maxwell or Einstein shows up and changes the game yet again...

edit - should've mentioned Faraday along with Maxwell


An off the wall idea of mine is that alien life or a higher power came here and altered dna from apes to create a smarter race. I mean, why are we so much more advanced than any other organism on the planet? Just coincidence? I wouldn't be surprised if there were alien life close by that they would look and function similar to us.


lulz ^

P.S If the claim is found to be fact, I'd be pretty excited! Pretty big news, but most people wont care..


On top of our lack of comprehension of the true vastness of our universe, is also the lack of our knowledge of the 'known' universe. I mean it was only like 2 months ago that we discovered a planet that dwarfs Jupiter in size, barely outside the reaches of our solar system hidden in the Oort Cloud, something like 2-3 AU away. If we are still stumbling on such things that are in (relatively)close proximity, think of what we're missing when the measurements start to get into the truly astronomical scale. Then there's that other fun stat about how little we know about our own oceans(which in truth is probably a more immediately relevant knowledgebase for us as a species to acquire, since it might more readily help our energy and sustainability problems[or not, no guarantees or anything]).

More on topic though: my favorite part of the linked story is the other scientist adding his thoughts about how the life being not impossibly far removed from ours as far as biological makeup goes, and the far reaching impact such a find could have on even our own thoughts of 'creation' and evolution. A discovery like this has the potential to totally change the future of biological sciences, and to be honest(and humble) the more far reaching impact is something all but the most intelligent people in the field probably don't think of(like, I would consider how it maybe effects our thoughts on earth's biological origins, the sustainability of our life in other atmospheres, etc... who knows what more creative/learned minds think of).

Reading stuff like this always makes me want to go bury myself in some books to get more educated on the subjects so that I can more appreciate what is being discovered, and so that I can ramble about it more because... just because.


Ancient Aliens (series on History) covers this. You probably seen it?

I agree by the way, it makes a lot of sense in that respect.


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It's the hands man...it's all about the hands!


What about apes? they have hands too.



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yeah, but they got them on their feet too. That's fucked up.


It's close-minded to believe anything.


so its close minded to believe that raping or murdering a child is a bad thing?

oooooooh! Gotcha! :slight_smile:


Of course!


I've seen the series and it really makes you think. I just wonder why religion is pushed down our throats so hard. Either someone doesn't want us to know the truth or people just need to believe in something and will grasp a hold of a made up story to feel secure. Either way I can't see religion lasting too much longer with the technological advances we're making. Kids today aren't stupid and won't listen to the old stories that our elders of today believe.