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NASA Ranking & USAPL National Records


I just checked out the updated NASA ranking and USAPL records. This is my first time ever having a USAPL National Record. So, I'm a little proud of it!

NASA Men Top 100 Equipped Bp

NASA Men Top 50 Unequipped Bp

USAPL Lifetime Drug Free Open Men Bench Press Only 100 kg

USAPL Raw Open Men Bench Press Only 100 kg


Congratulations JT, there is no doubt your are an excellent bencher.

Question though. How do they know someone is "Lifetime Drug Free"? I'm not accusing you, just curious as to the criteria.


Did you just ask him a question? Good luck with that!



I know one he HAS to respond to....

JT, why did you leave Inzer to start wearing Titan equipment?