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Nasa Natural Pl Championship Live from your Computer

Watch the NASA Natural National Championship live from your computer. If the video freezes on you and isn’t playing anything for a while, just refresh the page and it should resume playing. This is a common thing that happens on JTV once in a while. Henry Thomas plan to attempt almost 1,050lbs squat. Russian Andrey Malanichev hold the biggest single ply squat of all time with 1,036 lbs.

Friday is weigh-in and the competition is Saturday & Sunday: http://www.justin.tv/nasapl#r=bE9AatE

NASA plan to do this more at future meets.

If you actually contributed to this site, rather than advertising your meets and INZER, then I would think this was pretty cool.

But I dont.

Well, he has a log here:

Guess he just doesn’t have a whole lot of time to contribute/doesn’t have a computer available at work/may not use it for forum posting at work…