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NASA Approved Singlet?


Hey all,

About to do my first meet, and according to NASA's rulebook

"Only costumes officially registered and approved by the NASA Executive Committee shall be permitted for use in NASA competitions."

Does this apply to singlets as well, or is this purely a requirement for lifting suits? If it does apply to singlets, is there an actual list of approved singlet logos? I haven't found one.

Anyone who competed in NASA have any input?


I have competed in a NASA meet, and will be competing in more. I am in high school, I just used one of the wrestling singlets from my school.

Just get a normal, standard singlet. You shouldn't need any specific one.


Outstanding, thanks for the info.


You can pick up the Inzer singlet without a logo on it for $30 on their site, and I'm sure it's fine for any federation


but whats the point of not being pimped out by a big corporation?


It's $3 more with the logo!

Economics, brah!


but brah, for those 3 extra bucks you can BELONG!


...or spend it on foodz!