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Nas vs. Jay-Z

Ok, I just heard some underground shit that Jay-Z just came out wit dissin’ NAS and Ill Will. Does dis nigga value his life? I mean, what the hell is he thinking? This fool came out wit like 4 disses, and he still can’t touch NAS’ one. Everytime I hear Ether, I can’t help but to shake my head and feel sorry for the brotha. And now he wants to diss Ill Will? I gotta feelin’ Gay-Z is about to join Pac and Big. Holla.

Who really cares about ghetto trash! Let them kill each other then there will be less rappers in the world. RAP BLOWS! Btw learn how to speak ENGLISH!

Well I have to admit that I have no idea what you are talking about!

What the hell are you doing talking like that. Are you intentionally gramatically incorrect. Is that going to make you sound hard or something. I doubt you will get any responses. In this forum you don’t have to act like you are a thug to associate with rap music. You will just get run by everyone hear. Come correct and people will respect you. Besides these guys that you are talking about are not shit anyway. How do you even put their names with Tupac and Biggie. Those guys got killed when everything was going wrong in the industry. That was a real rivalry and those guys were real thugs. Have you ever seen Jay-z. It is like P-diddy carrying a gun. What a joke.

pizzle fizzle shizzle mizzle word up you know what im saying dog

Dis obviously wasn’t the place to post this discussion. I aint tryin’ to act hardcore, I’m just bein’ myself…I grew up in Philly, and dats just the way it is…sorry if yall can’t relate. Gay-Z is fake, but I don’t know how you sayin’ NAS is weak…he’s the realest out there. btw, Ether is a song, not some “ghetto slang.” One.

Leave Bobby alone. 15 year old, upper middle class white kids like him have much drama in they lives, yo. Much drama. :slight_smile:

BTW, I think Bobby has posted in English on this forum before, so he’s probably just half-joking here.

On a side note, I read an article a while back about a few popular rappers. Many of them came up in nice households in nice white neighborhoods. I think Flava Flave’s (Public Enemy) parents were both doctors. But the money is (or was) in gansta rap so they changed their lingo and started “representin’ da hood, knowwhatImsayin?” Rap and pro-wrestling are a lot alike.

HA! those 2 both can lick my sweaty nuts. Rap has been in a constant state of decline since 2pac finally got his dumb ass shot. biggy was fake- he went to a private school for pete’s sake. some tought life… jay-z and nas both couldnt rhyme and stay on time if their worhtless lives depended on it. they cant rhyme. they cant keep a beat. why are they rappers again? they both suck, get over it. they asmitted to the media that the entire “fight” they are having is purely for publicity… so that is fake. and i think pro wrestling and rap do indeed have a lot in common

First off, nobody “real” says that “shizzle” shit. Next, I’m 18, grew up in the badlands of North Philly, and I aint tryin’ put no front on for nobody.

BTW- TEK, what you say is true, but NAS is one of the only real ones left in the game...rap has been weak since '93...no more hardcore artists. Holla.

Sak, just an observation: if you’re going to be critical of another person’s grammer, perhaps you should consider ending your questions with, oh, I dunno…question marks.

Trev, I think you are missing the point of what I was saying. What does me putting a question mark after a sentence and g-dawg spittin’ his lyrics??? Hey Bobby I have family in Philly. I will be up there in the winter. They don’t sound like that, but I know where you are coming from. I am from South Side Houston, Texas. That is a crazy place. There is no other like it. If you think so, then visit.

this thread is right up there with the “i think jay cutler was in better shape and should have won the north chicago open lightweight tall division”. who gives a rats ass.

B.I.G. was not fake. His rap was real to the core. Most of his lyrics are about when he used to be selling drugs or about partying. He didn’t rap about killing people or if he did, it was a story. It’s not required to be an actual ganster to be rapper. Those who are don’t live very long. Tupac is fake. He was a thug, but he was fake. He rapped about sleeping with Biggie’s wife just to sell records. How fake is that? Case in point: The Notorious BIG had better beats, better lyrics, wasn’t fake, and from what I’ve read and seen seemed like a very likeable guy. On the other hand, Tupac was…

opinions are like assholes.
everybodys got one.

  • the thread should end with this one

Oh Lord… opinions are indeed like assholes… but their are a few things that must happen in order to be a good rapper. 1- stay on time. 2-rhyme. Notorius F.A.T did not accomplish task 1 or 2 most of the time. so, he sucked. And tupac, worthless as a human he was, was one of the greatest rappers ever. He was a thug, but he was fake? what the crap does that mean? he lived the street life that he talked about, had the rap sheet and bullet holes to prove it. While this life is a dumb and pitiful one, at least he somewhat lived what he rapped about. And how do you know he didnt bone fattys wife? And big always rapped about killing ppl and ‘hittin licks’ in his songs. thats big talk from somebody who went to a private school, if you ask me. but, to each his own.

rap music for years has really had an impact on american (world) youth. it is powerful because it joins the spoken word with some serious music. hate it or like it, accept both sides of its coincidence with society and culture.

Does anyone here speak jive?

What the hell is “jive?”

Michelle is going real OLD School on us using the word “Jive”.

Excuse me stewardess, I speak jive.