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NAS Nationals 2016


I posted a couple of Months ago about completing my first Strongman Show, Just won my Second show and qualified for Nationals in October. Anyone else on here going?


You sure that’s for the 2016 nationals? If so, that’s brutal, haha

I missed this year with an ACL rupture, but I know @Alpha is going.


Yea it’s for the 2016 Nationals at the end of October. Sorry to hear about your ACL man, how’d you manage a rupture?


775lb yoke walk. Dropped it 6" from the finish, tried for a quick pick and snapped up everything. Got video for your viewing pleasure, haha

That is a brutal short turn around for nationals dude. Good luck!


Yea man, i will be there. And @T3hPwnisher That was gross. I am so glad that you are back after it brother. What you are doing is inspiring!


Grossing you out is definitely a PR for me dude, haha.


What Weight class? I’ll be 231


Yep me too! I hope we both do well brother! The biggest thing at Nationals is trying to not come in last! I am just hoping to finish better than I did last year. If i could break the top 10 I would be the happiest man alive!


Damn dude, just saw this now for the first time…that was nasty. Makes the comeback all that more impressive!


Thanks dude. I am just glad it was on a yoke. It didn’t have too far to fall. The worse thing was the noise it made. Lots of crunching and grinding. That will echo in my head for a while, haha