Narrow or Normal Clavicles?

Hello friends. I have been lifting for a while. I know obsessing over things I cant change never leads to anything good but this question bugs my mind, do I have narrow or normal clavicles?

I will still play the hand i am dealt with, and do my best. I know there are a lot of athletes with narrow clavicles. But I really just wonder if I have narrow clavicles, or if it looks like that because of excessive fat. I know losing fat will have tremendous effect on my physique, but I am wondering about my bone structure. Thanks to anyone answering.

Excessive fat


Dude, don’t talk crazy! You have Long clavicles which give you naturally Wide shoulders.

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Thats great then, I am on a cut. Thank you.

Thank you brother. I honestly never thought myself before I had narrow clavicles, I always thought they were normal but recently a guy in my gym told me i look narrow for my height out of nowhere which made me feel insecure. I will keep exercising and come back with a great transformation.

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Get after those Rear Delts and Triceps!


He probably feels insecure about his own clavicles.

His name wasn’t @phantom198 was it?


I suppose you could say Ron Teufel had narrow clavicles. Got anyone in your gym with a better physique?



Yeahh so many people doing negtive comments trying to make people feel bad. Honestly replies in this thread made me feel a lot better about myself and made me realize I shouldn’t take every comment about me very seriously.

Also I checked the guy you linked. I dont really want to judge him but he actually paid a surgeon to break his clavicles holy shit! Thats some extreme shit man.

But you’re doing it anyway. I’m not saying this to insult you in any way, I just think it might be time for some self-reflection on your body image and how much weight you’re putting into what others, including strangers at the gym, are thinking about you. I say this as someone who has the same issues and needs to pay attention to them.

It sounds like you have targeted something within your control that you can improve. Work on that, and other things you can control, which includes your mental outlook, and try not to obsess over weird shit nobody else thinks about. I can tell you from firsthand experience that not a single human being other than yourself is nearly as concerned about your “bone structure” as you are. My wife, nor any girlfriend I ever had, has ever even noticed things about me that I thought were hideous and awful. And if you really want to not look narrow, which is a fine goal as long as it’s coming from a good and healthy place, hit your lats and shoulders hard for the next five years and enjoy occupying more space. While you’re at it, standing tall and proud usually helps that image too.

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i havent visited here since so i just saw your comment. you are right in your every word. i tend to care too much about things that i have no control over, and also care about what people say a lot. i think it was one of the reasons i posted here, to get validation, which in the end changes nothing. i think though a lot of people get caught up in such thoughts, it takes real strength to let go of things you cant change. last month taught me a lot. i have developed a lot in gym both physically and mentally. i dont care about such matters as much as i used to, but if i said i completely let go i would be lying. but i feel like im on the right track. my life has been better as well, i am very positive im going to make it in the end. your words here are very important to me and i will work on it. wish you a great day.