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Narrow or Normal Clavicles?

Hello friends. I have been lifting for a while. I know obsessing over things I cant change never leads to anything good but this question bugs my mind, do I have narrow or normal clavicles?

I will still play the hand i am dealt with, and do my best. I know there are a lot of athletes with narrow clavicles. But I really just wonder if I have narrow clavicles, or if it looks like that because of excessive fat. I know losing fat will have tremendous effect on my physique, but I am wondering about my bone structure. Thanks to anyone answering.

Excessive fat


Dude, don’t talk crazy! You have Long clavicles which give you naturally Wide shoulders.

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Thats great then, I am on a cut. Thank you.

Thank you brother. I honestly never thought myself before I had narrow clavicles, I always thought they were normal but recently a guy in my gym told me i look narrow for my height out of nowhere which made me feel insecure. I will keep exercising and come back with a great transformation.

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Get after those Rear Delts and Triceps!


He probably feels insecure about his own clavicles.

His name wasn’t @phantom198 was it?

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I suppose you could say Ron Teufel had narrow clavicles. Got anyone in your gym with a better physique?



Yeahh so many people doing negtive comments trying to make people feel bad. Honestly replies in this thread made me feel a lot better about myself and made me realize I shouldn’t take every comment about me very seriously.

Also I checked the guy you linked. I dont really want to judge him but he actually paid a surgeon to break his clavicles holy shit! Thats some extreme shit man.