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Narrow Dips Bar to Build Chest

Hi Christian, I saw your dips video and read your article and since I am doing dips for my chest and my gym doesn’t have wide or v-bar dips station (only narrow tricep bar dips station), should I choose another exercice that will get my chest in a better way or if I shift my weight forward and try my best to reach the gunsligner position with this narrow grip, you would still recommand this exercice as one of the best exercice to build my chest?

If you take a “C” position with your body, the chest will still get the most stimulation.

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Thanks! As you already guess, this is more a chair hanging leg raise with dips bar add to it.

Look forward to apply this technique and keep up my rate of progress. Beginner magic: I was 125 pounds 3 months ago and I am near 160 now ( ok gain a lot of fat too but I eat clean just a bit too much)

I will keep you posted to let you know my total weight gain when it will stop increasing at this rate. As long as my chest keep being thicker then my belly, I wont change anything.

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