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Narrow Deadlift Stance, Wide Squat Stance

Hey everyone, my name is Riley. I have been lifting for 7 months now. I have officially decided to get into powerlifting. I am 24 y/o. 5’7 180 lb. Anyways, my main deadlift stance is conventional (very narrow) and I have pulled 395 for my 1RM, Sumo isn’t too far behind at a 350 1RM. My narrow squat on the other hand (Olympic style) is 250lb for 1RM, but my wide stance squat (kind of like Dan Green’s squat) is 370 for 1RM. My question is, do you think its strange that my most powerful deadlift stance is very narrow, but my most powerful squat stance is very wide? I was just wondering because a lot of powerlifters I see have near the same stance width on both lifts. Thanks!

Narrow stance Deadlift allows you to get more hamstrings and glutes into the lift. Some conventional dudes set up shoulder width, but many go closer.

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These dudes wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work better. More muscle groups used, more weight lifted.

But close stance squats work opposite. They take more glutes, hips and lower back out of the squat and put most of the work into the quads. Less muscle groups used, less weight lifted.

The limiting factor in any lift is how much weight you can get past the sticking point. Since every lift will have a different sticking point you won’t necessarily be the strongest with the same stance or grip for all lifts.

Not strange at all. History is loaded with powerlifters whos quatted wide and deadlifted conventional. The list is too long to include here.