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Narnia Movie


Hey did anyone see that Narnia movie? If you did, what did you think?

I'll be honest, I really didnt enjoy the movie all that much. Maybe it was the story in the first place, or the director, but the movie just bugged me. It left me with too many question marks like why was the Witch ruling over the land like she was? What happened for her to gain control? And what was the deal with the random Santa Claus in the movie? I mean that really threw me. Those simple unanswered questions really stole the joy out of the movie for me.

And I couldnt help but compare it to the LOTR. I know they arent the same, but they feel similar. And once you begin to compare, you feel really disappointed with Narnia. LOTR is an absolute stunning movie. Narnia is just a good one.

My 2 cents.


Um, I think the movie was geared more towards the younger, less inquisitive crowd.


Did you read the books?



If you didn't catch onto it, the plot of the narnia movie, which is a far cry from the books by the way (not intending to be the snob who talks about how much better the books are than the movie, I hate those people...) is largely based upon Christian religion.

Aslan, the lion, represents Jesus Christ, the ice queen is the devil who uses deception to lure innocents into trusting her, Aslan submits himself to humiliation and death for the "sins" of the people of his land, he rises from the dead, so on and so forth.

It's made more apparent in the books, but is still pretty obvious if you have any base of knowledge about Christianity.

The movie disappointed me, probably only because I remember the books in such a grandiose type of way from reading them when I was younger...


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is preceded by The Magicians Nephew, which does a lot in setting up the whole series of books. They are written for more idyllic readers.

I think the cartoon was plenty enough screentime.


The movie was accurate to the book about 90% I'd guess. The changes that were made made the story flow on screen a bit better.

I personally liked it, but I've also read all the books in the Chronicles and made my son read the book before he watched the movie.


You didn't get the movie .. and yet ... your icon is a big statue of Jesus?

I liked the movie, and kids liked the movie, and it was a good movie. I've read the books (when they came out, a looong time ago) so that helps. Others I know who had not read the books, also enjoyed the movie.

Lewis has a good take on Christianity in my opinion, far more focused on being good, doing good, being true, rather than dogma. Especially in The Last Battle.

Lots of interesting things in the books and movies to delight the young.

The beavers were great in the movie, very funny. Lots of funny bits.

Don't know why you are comparing to LOTR. Very different. Wish they'd make Silmarilian, now THAT was a great story. (precedes LOTR).


Good point. I love how some people criticize movies based on books, especially when they actually get the adaptation right. I loved those books as a kid.


It was an ok film, but nothing to write home about, the fight scenes were not really impressive at all; but i guess that was just since it was targeted at a young audience. I think the book has great potential as a movie, which wasn't really fulfilled, i'd love to see it re-done, and perhaps re-released as a 15 or something. Because the books are scary the film wasn't.


Ugh, I just cannot get around the simian in The Last Battle! For me, it was and is a book killer.

The Silmarillion would be a great movie. That's less likely than The Hobbitt being made.

Books - the best chilren's drug ever conceived.


Although I hadn't read the books, I did enjoy the movie. It was enough to make me go out and buy the books to start reading. Unfortunately, I still see a lot of LOTR in Narnia. Hell, they practically stole the intro to the battle scene (with the Minotaur on the rock, and the legions behind him) from The Two Towers. Still, I take it for what it is, and it is a good movie, based on a good book series. I hope that they are making more movies for the rest of the books.


The silmarillion was an amazing story, but I have NO clue how you'd make a movie out of it. You could make 10 movies easily, but I don't know how you could fit it all into one coherent movie.


Tolkien (LOTR author) and C.S. Lewis (Narnia author) were great friends and collaborated/bounced ideas off of one another while writing each. Thus it would be surprising if you didn't see some similarities between the two.



I agree it was an amazing book, but hard as hell to read. Had to work to get into that book and get through it. No way a movie could be made encompassing the whole work, just too broad a project.


I loved the books as a kid, they were some of the first books I read by myself. The movie was great but the only issue I have with it is the bit were Peter killed the Wolf (Maugrim) If I remember right he killed it properly in the book but in the film it was more of an accident, the wolf just fell onto his sword.

Pissed me of cos I identifed with Peter when I was young cos he has the same name as me and he got to be the High King!!!

Ray Winstone as Mr. Beaver was an inspired piece of casting!!!