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Nards vs. theBird


Finally, T-Nation's most anticipated meet-up is going go happen.

After a few false alarms, birdy is on his way to Taiwan for 10 days in January. Hoping to finally meet Nards, lift weights with him and maybe even share a meal with my idol.

Keep tune to this thread for up-dates.



I'm sorry to hear that but I hope you can still enjoy your holiday overall :stuck_out_tongue:


Nards is the man!


I thought you already did this before, Birdy?


Nope. I was in Hong Kong about 1.5 years ago. Too far for Nards to travel to meet me. This time I am going straight into his home town.

While we are on the subject, anyone here that has been to Taiwan?



Make sure to update us on his quads.


He might not be cut out for this.




Anyone been to Taiwan??

I need some tips on what to do and where to stay etc??



Are you here?



Nards is away buying a stockpile of birdseed for your arrival.


methinks that both Nardsie, and the Birdman will be sorely disappointed.


The good ship 'Expectation' shattered on the rock of 'Reality.'


Hi guys.

What's going on?


What's going on?!?!

Nards, I am coming to Taiwan to see you buddy!!

Im arriving on the 26th December. I was hoping to do a couple of gym sessions with you, and maybe go out for a couple of cheat meals while Im over there.



We want video and a bunch of selfies.


I have a feeling he will be busy that day, I think hes Canadian and its boxing day.


You forgot beer!

I'm not taking you out for Taiwanese food though. I've had enough of that. We'll go to Texas Roadhouse or something similar.

My facebook is www.facebook.com/nardpuncher


Texas Road House. Wow

Take him to The Outback


Isn't The Outback an Australian restaurant?
Im happy with Texas Road House.

Nards, what days do you go to the gym?