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Nards Sandwich


Some background for this at the bottom of this page:


For those who don't feel like reading it, Nards is a legend at a local deli in his hometown of Winnipeg for consuming an "off-the-menu" sandwich, containing 650 grams of Montreal smoked meat. All the staff remembers him as "that guy" who ordered the giant sandwich. The deli has been open for decades, and Nards has been the ONLY patron to ever order one.

Until yesterday, that is....


Just a ridiculous size. I opted for the Diet Coke to maintain my figure...


They assured me there was bread at the bottom. I took their word for it


Cross section. They had four load-bearing toothpicks just to maintain the structural integrity of the thing...


Done! The ball is in your court, Nards. They assured me that they could build an even bigger one!


I hope you know what your up against?

This guy used to be MacGyver.





I may be going home next month..please tell me the weight you ordered and I will beat it! I must!



That's my sandwich on the right telling your little sandwich to sit down and take care of its Bonsai tree or some other unmanly thing.


650 grams! I suggested naming it and the guy working there suggested "President's Club", I'm sure you can come up with something better!


Daniel LaRusso represents the pickle.



Maybe I'll get 777g and call it a more family-friendly "Hardmuncher"


Wouldn't a Nards Sandwhich actually be Nards between 2 fine ladies?






Asian girls always look young...those girls are both 19.


hahahaahhahahahahha that picture was only a few mouse clicks away.


This...... I am going to hell for....


Well, in that case I need to seek another path to eternal damnation.


lol especially since that is probably kids from Nards school