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Narcissism Epidemic



So I'm reading this book, and so much of my previous griping in that thread about why society makes you a big pussy is being verified by hard science now. This book is probably one my top 2010 books already, and I suggest people at least look in to what is happening to our society from a psychology standpoint. I honestly can say that I myself have narcissistic tendencies and it makes me feel terrible.



Not to bring this to a political discussion but...Isnt this what happens in a capitalistic society? More more more.


-For example, the Internet allows people to create phony images of themselves and seek fame and attention.


I think part of the problem is that a lot of us are constantly bombarded by fictions as modern people in lieu of interesting realities, and these lead us to constantly stand outside ourselves and view ourselves as starring roles in our own movie, instead of communal creatures that occasionally have to, may even benefit from, taking a back seat to others, being a component of a larger unit and not worrying about self-promotion and self-aggrandizement for a short while.

If you look at the origin of the word, it comes from the story of a beautiful Greek demi-god who fell in love with his own reflection. There is a camp in Texas for kids based on that Percy Jackson and the Olympians book where kids can pretend to be demi-Gods with great destinies. If that isn't a recipe for narcissism, I don't know what is.


My crim professor mentioned this book a while ago, I'll be picking it up in the next week or two.


It's ironic how they talk about narcissim and the reviewers (creators of bullshit self-help book on HOW TO BE HAPPY) feel the need to put PhD every time their name show up.and they always talk about that in relation to competition which is viewed as normal. Somehow this is flawed in the root

Also it makes me think of what my teacher told me about this guy Stephane Hanessian the superstar research scientist at UDEM who has a coffee cup with his face on it. And it's not even meant to be a joke.LOL


Psychology is a hard science? Teehee!


I'm a decorated Navy Seal/firefighter and own several successful businesses and am also a male model and regularly have threesomes with supermodels and finance movies while I am not appearing in Metropolitan Opera productions and I resent that statement.




Alright let me re word that to various gathered statistics


a narcissistic epidemic? how is that MY problem?


Don't hate me because I'm Beautiful, Hate me because I'm a douchebag


Everybody has narcissistic tendencies you would have a serious mental health problem if you did not.

It is like aggression in that it is there and needs to be expressed, but, and that is important, in a manner that is apropriate for your age and station in life.

The satisfaction you get from a work well done for examply has its roots in narcissism.


Not really.

Money just seeks the path of least resistance and appealing to peoples vanity and insecurities sells stuff.

However, the original point against capitalism was that is exploits the workers and impoverishes the masses whereas now the problem seems to be that most people have too much and behave like spoiled and pampered little children.

I would rather deal with abundance and the psychological problems that causes than with such scarcity that it can only be held in check by back breaking labor.


Ummmmm this is a body building site right? No statistic people around here I bet.


Good to see I'm not the only one. Appear humble to others, egotistical narcissistic prick in my own mind; Cognitive dissonance sucks.