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Narcissism, Ego, Denial


How else can you explain lifting weights but narcissism? We obviously love our bodies to the point where we eat every few hours, lift unnecessarily heavy weights, look at our bodies in the mirror.

We fuel our egos, fashion ourselves cavemen or warriors, feel good about hitting a heavy set of deadlifts.

Step back and look at the world in which we live. This heavy lifting shit is unnecessary for survival. We have all the convieniences of science and technology to NOT have to worry about extreme amounts of strength and fitness.

We fall in love with that beautiful human looking back at us in the flowing stream in the forest.


If YOU can't intergrate weight training into a healthy and balanced lifestyle that's your business.


I started lifting weights because I loved them, not myself.


So stop working out and leave?


Interesting topic.

It's somewhat counterintuitive, but bodybuilders are among the most insecure folk there are.

How sensitive they are concerning anything about their body, or anything else for that matter.

It isn't necessary narcism, but most begin training because of some large gap in their persona, and they try to fill it in with getting a better body, and putting their drive into it.
As such, they can answer to the image of the person they want themselves to be, usually a strong, secure, muscled man.

This, of course, works well, until a few things occur :

1) Progress comes to a stop(due to injury or stagnation)
2) Their source of confidence falls in doubt(or at least source of arrogance, which is, just as well, insecurity, and perhaps even worse, as it is defensive insecurity - see towards the average bodybuilding board poster and compare with other boards, around music, or even powerlifting boards)

Thus, the bodybuilder falls into(perhaps even greater)insecurity.

This, while his direct environment(the people we encounter every day)expect actually the OPPOSITE of it.(assuming the guy actually looks like a bodybuilder)

This is the reason why I am mildly against obsessing with bodybuilding alone ... for it is a very unstable source of selfesteem.

For a gig : if you know any powerlifters in your environment(real powerlifters), compare them to the bodybuilders. Note how much more laid-back the former are, and how much more insecure the latter are in comparison.

This is because powerlifters have more stable goals and achievements, than a bodybuilder, who's body is much more sensitive to change.

If you can use the selfesteem you get from bodybuilding, and developing a better body, and go towards other goals, you will keep progressing to be a better human being, hence, you will be more succesful in life, hence, you will have true confidence.

Does anyone have any comment on this ?


First of all, why do you care what/why other people do if it doesn't effect you?

""How else can you explain lifting weights but narcissism?""

Easy. Depression. I would be depressed without physical activity. Perhaps it is because of this...

""We have all the convieniences of science and technology to NOT have to worry about blah, blah, blah...""

...that so many of us are depressed.

The original post really comes off as sanctimonious drivel.


Obofill you won?t get an adult answer...

For some people doing things for themselves simply feels wrong and they will never admit doing it and for others narcissism or ego are dirty words...

True, they endure pain over and over again to better themselves, they do not accept giving in to their weaknesses as an option, but that could not be because of narcissism, oh no, because


To the rest of the posters:

Wake up and smell the coffee you self-adoring, muscle-bulging, mirror-image-loving , new-PR-max-seeking
narcissistic, aggressive, testosterone poisoned, oh well, lets sum it up, MEN...


Are you kidding?!? I hate that bastard! He's the prick that's eating my food and screwing my wife!

Multiple personalities suck.


If I love the man in the mirror, does that make me gay? (nttawwt)



I am more of a pretentious bastard than a narcissist, does that still count?


...we make sweeping generalizations in the hopes of catching a sympathetic ear...

Geez man, you want to talk about ego defense and narcisistic behavior- You just started a thread on one of the biggest training sites in the world to justify why You Are Weak!

Add hystrionic to your vocabulary, then Hit Some Weights Nancy!


this original post sounds like the rantings of a fat weakling...we lift weights because we can, and because people like you can't! People forget that they are alive and can do amazing things with their bodies...these same people are usually the ones sitting on the couch with the bag of chips and the pot belly writing posts like the one above.


Okay, how many threads of this guy's insight are we going to have to endure?

Obo, relax man, it's tiring hearing about your epiphanies, especially since they aren't very illumunating.


For me, it's definetly an expression of narcissism. I want to look good and it pisses me off that I haven't achieved that yet. But I'd argue that lifting weights is a more mature expression of narcissism than, say, preening oneself in front of a mirror naked except for a pair of stained boxers and pink sunglasses listening to alkaline trio and masturbating.


Just remember, somewhere, a little narcissistic Chinese girl is warming up with your max. -- Jim Conroy, Olympic weightlifting coach.



So, the goal in life is to not care what shape you are in, how you look or how you eat? This is a bodybuilding forum. No one is making you stay. Don't let the door strike you in the ass on the way out.



I don't need to list any reasons for why I lift. I do it because I choose to.

Much like everything else I do. Who cares about the reason? If it makes you feel good and it's not hurting anybody then it's okay by me.


Who gives a shit what motivates us to lift and eat properly? It's no different than money, fame, or power.

Of course weight lifting isn't necessary for survival ... the only things that are necessary for survival is food, hydration, and procreation. Everything else exists to pass the time in between the 3.

This looks to me like a classic "Build self up by tearing down others" rant. Worry about your own faults, not ours.


All this psychological breakdown of lifting weights is a bit odd.

Reminds me of an interview with Lita Ford once. After some indirect questions about her guitar technique she replies 'I hold it like that because its how you hold a guitar, not because its shaped like a cock!'


yawn...and your point is what?

people like to look attractive? is this a new revelation to you? did you just figure this out about people?

doing almost anything beyond the basic necessities to survive could be considered vanity...

putting on deoderant is egotistical...

spending money on anything but the cheapest shoes is narcissistic...


I'll let you in on a little secret...all humans are narcissistic, ego driven, and vain in one aspect or another...