Naproxin (NSAID's) Biological Response?

What is a 10-14 day regimen of NSAID’s to alleviate anterior and lateral hip pain (TFL, iliopsoas, ITB, etc) doing to my physiologically? How does that influence (negatively or positively) gains in the weightroom? My (non-anatomy educated) understanding is that it works to block my body’s response to inflammation so the area gets normal bloodflow (nutrients, circulation, recovery)? However, are the effects of NSAID’s counterproductive to hypertrophy? Is it pretty safe to take for a two week, heavy cycle, FROM AN INJURY REHAB STANDPOINT? I hear it can cause stomach issues, etc) The short - how does it work and how does it affect performance/hypertrophy?


… Any PT/Dr. recommendations on dose for otherwise healthy 200 lb, 6’1", 30 year old who works out +/- 5 days/wk?