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Napping in the Gym


I was at the gym earlier, and some guy was in the stretching area sleeping. He was literally lying on a mat with a folded up towel under his head, and his eyes closed. I saw him as I was walking by this area heading to the free weights, and I figure that maybe he was just doing that for a minute, just to rest himself after some super duper hardcore stretching session. Well, I looked back over there about a minute later and he was still just lying there. The fuck? Since when is this acceptable? He was maybe mid-30s, so not even some crazy old man.


I saw a guy fall asleep on the abbductor machine one time, yeah it was weird

Maybe they're narcoleptic?


Ive actually seen someone sleeping in the Sauna at my gym, on several occasions too. never seen him lift anything tho lol


I've seen people sleep while they squat! True story.


It's pretty easy to nod off if you have been pushing yourself really hard, especially when you have a blood sugar crash in the middle of a workout. Well, for me at least. That would be horribly embarrassing though...


I work in a gym and once I had a prospect come in to get a workout in and I had other members and PTs come up to me and tell me some weird fat girl is napping on one of the benches with her ass hanging out of her jeans.

I eventually had to tell her it was time for her to go. Such a weird day.


This is cracking me up.


Man Ive taken some good naps after a good workout, not at the gym though


I fell asleep in a gym once on an incline bench. Didn't get enough sleep the night before I think. I was just planning to close my eyes for a few seconds then I dozed off.


Fell asleep in the parking lot after and before a workout. I teach and am always beat during testing times so I headed to the gym and crashed in my car still running before I went in. twenty minutes later got up and headed in for a horrible workout. learned if I'm that tired just to leave it in the bag.

I've Definitely almost and have passed out from squatting and dead lifting though. I hit a heavy double on squat one time and as I racked it I passed out. dropped to my knees and woke up a few seconds later. I was having trouble learning to breathe as I hit sets. better now but still getting it right on higher rep sets.


Oh, how I love those.


If you're so tired that you fall asleep, then you're probably not making any progress in the gym that day. It would most likely be better to take the day off and get some more sleep, right?


Speak for yourself. A quick nap on the floor in the squat rack after 20-rep squats is good form by me.


So it's like this:

Night before dude comes home to see his next door neighbor giving to his wife. If that wasn't bad enough, the guy is 8 inches deep in her ass, and she never gave him anal. On top of that it was on the white rug in the den, which his wife never allows people to walk on, and here she is giving the neighbor poop dick on it.

So dude was angry, but was also hurt, and just left the house. He didn't even have the energy to break up the butt-fuckin. He got in his car, shamed and alone, the putrid smell of ass sex stuck in his nose, and drove to work and slept in the parking lot.

The next day at work was horrible. He got nothing done, broke down in tears when he had to explain being in the same cloths as yesterday, and his balls smelled really bad from lack of a shower. He only got like 45mins of sleep and was totally strung out.

How does he cure his pain and anguish? Heavy fucking weights. Those bitches don't take Stanly the neighbor's penis deep into their anal cavity while begging for it harder. After a few sets bliss takes over his body, and he can finally sleep. So he curls up like a loon in the corner to drift off to dream land.

I'm saying, sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do.


This is probably exactly what happened. It makes sense now, actually.


Other than the beach, I can't sleep in public. I even have a tough time sleeping on long plane flights.
I guess I fear someone may do some weird shit to me as I sleep.