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Napalm Fat Burning Cream?


Hey, Does anyone have any success stories with this topical supplement to share?

I was looking into it and definitely want to try it out, only problem is I've searched the whole web and haven't found anywhere to order online or that sells it.

If anyone knows where to get it could you PLEASE send me the link or let me know!

Thanks everyone


I have known a few people that used products like these in the final stages of contest preparation. Few; if any of them felt it made much difference.


I have known a few lifters that used this type of product in the final stages of contest preparation. Nobody used them more than twice.


Youcannot suck fat out of skin pores. The extra heat to that area will not cause your fat to disappear.

It's a scam to pray on uneducated or desperate people.

It's a bio-chemical reaction. A cream on your skin will do nothing.


Topical supplement? ha ha ha ha