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Nap Time and Sanity


Does any one else take a small (1 hour or so) nap every day?

Even though I'm busy, I find that it's time well-spent (especially if I take my nap within a few hour after training). I wake up refreshed and ready.

I think people would generally be more tolerable and 'on the ball' if they took care of this simple matter of rest and recuperation.



I wish! I try to get 6 hours each night, and often get only 4.5. I try to get a nap after work, if I can get out at a decent time (I'm planning one tonight, so I can stay up through LOST and still function tomorrow). Maybe once/week I can nap in the late afternoon/early evening.

Lately, I've been playing catchup on weekends with sleep.


I try to catch a nap before workiing third shift. It definetly helps with working and going to school at the same time, not to mention training.


After class and before work on my school days, I go to the college library, go to the second floor and lie down homeless style on the couch. After about 1 hour of napping I feel very much recharged and ready for work. Also, since incorporating a "nap-time" into my daily routine, my recovery abilities has increased drematically. I love it when I am drifting off to sleep and hear people walking by and stop for a minute to stare at the "guy on the couch"

Good luck


I just did a double take after reading your post, for I thought I responded to myself.




Maybe if you were actually trying to get the sleep you need you would sacrafice an hour or two of tv.


oh yeah i love it. i actually scheduled a 1.5 hour break into my class schedule for that reason and that reason only.


It's actually best for muscle building to take a siesta right after a work out...as for me, NO WAY. I workout during my lunch hour because that's pretty much the only time I can get it in. A wife and two kids will do that to ya.


I try to take a 15-20 minute nap in my car during my hour off at work. I agree - it helps. However, if it runs much longer than that, I'm sort of in a zombie state for a bit.


Saw that ... my name's not Nate ... can I still post?

OK, naps rule. I don't get them but usually once per week to attempt to counter the sleep deficit accumulated during the week. Over the weekend, I pulled one on Friday evening and another on Saturday evening ... awesome. During the week, I use coffee at times to keep me going. It has a residual effect though, and coupled with the sleep deficit, my nerves are fried. Some sleep is the only way to get normal again. Naps are just so valuable. It's tuff ... sometimes it seems like a "waste of time," but naps could very likely be the most underutilized tool in our arsenal ... lifting good, protein good, naps good ... napping with a special girl ... even better!



Ha! Nap? What the hell is that? I work 8am to 8:30pm Monday through Thursday. The nights I don't go to the gym I try to get to bed early.


Agreed. Not much napping usually gets done though...



my dad as long as i've known him gets up @ 4:30, comes home and naps from 1-3pm, hit the sack @ 10pm reads for 1hr and lights out @ 11. he says he gets more done from 5:30-9:00 than anyone who's working 9-5. he also drinks two full pots of coffee a day. the second pot starting at dinnertime 6:00pm.

o yeah i think also the entire rest of the world (other than the usa) has some nap time built in to their schedule.

power naps work for me but nap naps don't seem to.


well ... it's my version of active recovery :wink: