NANSROSOL +MAG-10 is this worth while

I know the ingredient in Androsol is already in mag-10, but would there be any stacking benefit of using nandrosol and mag-10 at the same time?

Not really. If a given dose of MAG-10 gives you less effect than more androgen would, then just taking more MAG-10 would probably be the better answer. However, if you already have the Nandrosol on hand and so it costs you nothing, and you don’t have a desire to save it for its particular properties not shared by MAG-10 of having little or no CNS stimulant effect (not interfering with sleep, usually a minor effect but sometimes present with MAG-10); being able to be used in a timed manner so as to be present in the system during the daytime only so as to minimize inhibition of natural T production while using; or having no apparent effect on scalp hair at all and little to no effect on skin – hmm, this was a long sentence – to recapitulate, if you don’t have a desire to save it for it’s particular properties and you have it already, then you might as well use it if your MAG-10 dose is less than whatever amount would give you personally your best results.

Generally, if you were using two doses per day of MAG-10 let’s say, I’d think adding Nandrosol would add nothing, but if using one dose per day it could possibly add depending on the individual.

Is there anything legal that can be stacked with Mag-10 to make it more effective? I know its the shit by itself, but I was just curious.

Compared to adding more MAG-10 if your current dose isn’t the most effective-possible one for you, I don’t. If you are taking a dose of MAG-10 that is less than that, then there are some androgen products that could add to it, including 4-AD-EC, Androsol, Nandrosol, or so-called “1-test” products. If these were already on hand then this would be the most cost-effective approach, costing nothing extra, though any one of these probably could not add as much effectiveness as would more MAG-10 (since only a Class II, or only a Class I, compound would be added.)

What is the difference between Androsol and Norandrosol? What is the Nor? How is it different that Mag-10?

Nandrosol uses 19-nor-4-androstenediol
instead of the 4-androstenediol used in
Androsol. The difference is the lack of
a particular “methyl” group in the molecule.
Some natural androgens include this methyl
and others do not.

The difference in effect is that nor-4-AD
has less or no effect in promoting acne,
whereas 4-AD (like testosterone) can have
that effect; and nor-4-AD has less or no
effect as a CNS stimulant and on falling asleep, which 4-AD can have some effect on.

MAG-10 is more effective than either due
to also including A1-E.