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Nanobionic T-Shirt


I live in Greece and here the channels are somewhat all over, how it helps with your balance,your strength,your stamina, just about everything. A guy said he used it and could train twice as hard and he didnt even get tired.Another guy in a wheelchair, said it helped him stand up and stay upright with just hanging onto something with one hand, while without the shirt he hardy could with 2 hands and things like that. Another said that his blood sugar was 225 with his medication. He stopped taking them, wore the shirt and in a week the level dropped to 70.I could go on and on for pages with stories like that. Concluding, have you ever heard of it?


Nope, never heard of it and I call BS already.


Nope, and if there really was such a technology out, it would be getting a lot more coverage.


So what you're saying is someone found Jesus Christ, skinned him alive, and is now marketing his flesh as some sort of "divine healing shirt" ??



I'm telling you what I am seeing the last two months on my tv. I call BS too, it is just tha it annoys me so many people have actually bought it...


No, because it's horseshit. I'm really, really hoping this is a matter of you bringing this to our attention solely for the sake of lulz and not because you are unable to detect utter nonsense on your own.


just for the sake of lulz, and to share my hate and disgrace towards that guy who sells it...actually, a bunch of guys, all of them scienticts...



This part, I can believe. You can certainly make materials by engineering them at the nano scale to behave how you want. People do amazing stuff with that.

This is absolute BS. Did it also make him grow 8' tall and develop wings?




Ah, a more expensive version of the magnetic bracelet that does nothing.

After you buy the shirt, I need to sell you my anti-walrus attach whistle. I've used the whistle every day, and no walrus has attacked me since. In fact, it appears my entire family is protected from walrus attack here in Arizonia due to this whistle.

Only 3 easy payments of $19.99. (Plus $84.87 shipping and handling)


Can I get a discount if I buy 3 of then?


...dont joke about walruses.


I call power balance bracelets.



Sounds reasonable. Do they throw in the ab lounger if you order within the next 10 minutes?


An ab lounger? No, no, they throw in 1 whole ab for free if you order in the next 10 minutes or 1000 abs (whichever comes first).


Indeed! For you, my friend, it's 3 for $75 --- that's a discount of over 90% on extra whistles! (plus shipping and handling of $359.61)


LOL @ the shipping price.

Seriously, that just lost you the deal.