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Nano Vapor

Anyone know anything about Nano Vapor? If it’s a Weider based product, it’s probably worthless.

[quote]king63 wrote:
Anyone know anything about Nano Vapor? If it’s a Weider based product, it’s probably worthless.[/quote]

I haven’t heard many great things about any of the NO products, let us know they work for you.

A guy at the health food store gave me a sample and I tried it and all it did was give me a tummy ache.

lol are you for real…its junk …its about as good a product as microwave popcorn

Its got like 100 different ingredients, including a shitload of yohimbine. From what I’ve heard from those that have used it is that you get stimmed out of your mind, which, if you need to get stimmed before a workout, is a good thing.

I would never use it

  1. I’d rather spend my 45$ on something that is proven to work
  2. I hate getting mental stim burnout before a workout
  3. NO boosters are garbage
  4. If you can find a better pre-workout conconction than 1 scoop Power Drive, 1 serving Alpha Male/Vitrix, 2 caps rhodiola and 1 scoop hydrolyzed whey, then I’ll give you the keys to my house!

I believe its for mental focus and intensity. so your basic pre workout energy product. i also believe it has alot of other things mixed in it aswell like creatine,ginseng,blacktea,l-carnatine,beta alanine,l-arginine and so on.

Search the articles on this site, there are a few debunking the NO bullshit.

It’s worthless.

P.S. I wouldn’t feed weider shit to my dog.

It seems to be one of few of their supps worth purchasing. It & Superpump look to be the best NO products on the market.

Dont only take the advice of people here, there are alot of sheep on this forum. If you can afford a tub or can get your hands on 6-10 samples (shouldnt be hard - visit a few dealers or call them), try it for yourself.

For the record (im awating flaming) the only supp ive tried is NO Xplode & only because it was given to me. I dont do high reps, so dont get a huge pump anyway & the caffeine seems to be the biggest benefit.

I say for days ive had jack all sleep or feeling flat. Other use it every workout, i use it sparingly.

Don’t listen to all these haters dawg. If you want the best results you have to take the powder as is, although at three scoops, all at once, no water. You’ll look like Ronnie in no time.

I wasted 50 bucks on that shit and it got me sick, i felt more energy from no x-plode for the first 2 weeks.