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Nano-Dispersion Methoxy-7?

I heard some rumblings about this in the past…has anyone heard anything recently?

Here are some comments made by the man- Tim Patterson on 6/11/04

A new version of Methoxy-7 is now in production. It should be in our e-store, as an exclusive item, in two weeks.

To further improve solubility, as well as enhance performance, we’ve formulated a nano-dispersed, propylcarbonate version of 7-Hydroxy-EC into capsules. Each bottle will contain 144 caps (filled to the brim) and cost 39 bucks.

I loved the original Methoxy and I can’t wait to try the new version. Bring it on Biotest!

Glad to hear it’s coming back, but I’ll miss the bubble gum flavor. But if they can make it work even better in nano-capsules, then I’ll live!

Should be available today then…

Does anyone have a release date for this?

I just called Biotest today and asked about pre-ordering. Laura stated that pre-ordering won’t be possible until they receive a product number. She also stated that it would probably be another two weeks since the material to manufacture the new Methoxy-7 still hasn’t arrived yet and it will be offered here at T-Nation first (instead of Biotestedge.com).

Thanks for the update kevin, that helps.