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Nandrsol & MAG-10

I’m pretty new to this stuff and have been doing MAG-10. I’m just finishing up my 2nd cycle and will go onto Tribex, M and Methoxy. What’s the deal with Nandrosol? Can and should I take this during or on my off Mag cycle? Should I finish my Growth Project program first and then use Nandrosol? Any insight would be most appreciated.

The general consensus is Mag-10 stands by itself and nandrosol adds nothing to Mag-10.

Thanks for the reply. If it doesn’t add to the MAG-10 experience should/could I use it on the two week off cycle while on Tribex, M and Methoxy? Thanks in advance.

No, you should not add the nandrosol to your tribex, M, methoxy-7 stack. Those ingredients are designed to enhance and speed recovery of your natural testosterone replacement. MAG-10, nandrosol, androsol are all exogenous hormones designed to get blood levels of these hormones well above natural levels. When this happens, your testicles see the increase in anabolic hormones and do not need to produce as much endogenous testosterone. So you need to cycle off of androsol, nandrosol, MAG-10 frequently to maintain optimal natural endogenous hormone production. Tribex and M work together to increase natural testosterone production and reduce estrogen production or aromitization. Methoxy-7 is anabolic but does not rely on hormonal pathways. Read through the supplement round-up and any of the other articles to get further information about these products.

That defeats the purpose of being off. Nandrosol was said to be better an building strength versus size that Androsol. Why not wait until finishing your Mag-10 cycles and taking a break before trying Nandrosol?

I’d say it depends on how you’re arranging
your cycles.

If you’re following a 2 on / 2 off scheme,
then this is aggressive enough that I’d
rather the off weeks be truly and completely

If you’re following 2 on / 4 off, having
a couple of those weeks supplemented
with morning-only Nandrosol use at 70
sprays per day would be fine.

Thanks for the info. I am doing 2 on 2 off so I’ll wait until my growth surge project program is finsihed to try Nandrosol. Is it appropriate to use Nandrosol, MAG-10 or Androsol during a cutting cycle? Thanks!

I’m sure any of the 3 can be used as a lean body mass preserver on a diet. I would only do this with a very strict low calorie diet. Not that it would not help with a more moderate diet, but it just is not necessary with a moderate calorie restriction.