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I see that you guys have finished Nandrosol, Great, I was wondering how you would recomend using this in conjunction with Androsol?

I wouldn’t recommend using it in conjunction with Androsol. I’d pick the one that appealed to me more: Androsol if I want what is probably the more effective for gains, and I recognize the fact that it really does not have a lot of bad side effects that are going to show up in 2 weeks except for maybe acne.

And Nandrosol if
I’m willing to get good gains but maybe a little less than with Androsol, and I want
the product that has the lower ratio of side effects.

It will be interesting to see how gains
of our readers compare to those with Androsol.
I may be wrong and it’s possible that the
gains will be about equal.

Bill, could a person do 2 weeks of Androsol and then 2 weeks of Nandrosol one after the other, or is it still best to take a break?

Paul, both products work the same way really,
and definitely inhibit natural testosterone
production the same way. So you don’t get
a “break” by switching to the other, you
just get a better ratio of side effects
at the cost of maybe a little less gains
while on Nandrosol vs. Androsol.

Whether that’s worth doing is hard to say
and really depends on the individual, since
the side effects of Androsol, used in the
2 on / 4 off pattern, are pretty negligible.

If you want to do a program that cycles between different products, the products should work
in different ways. For example, cycling from
Androsol (or Nandrosol) to Tribex or Methoxy-7. This way, the body gets a break from one thing and now starts something new, then
gets a break from that, etc.

Alternating between Androsol and Nandrosol
would be like alternating between Bayer’s
and St Joseph’s aspirin… basically, you’re
still on aspirin all the time! In this case,
you’re still on androgens all the time: not a good idea.

Great question though because I’m sure it was not clear to a lot of people!

I thought Nandrosol, being a pro-steroid, was supposed to be more powerful than Androsol since it converts to nandrolone in the body. Now you guys are saying it’s not quite as powerful as Androsol, but has less potential side effects. What’s up?

Looks like there’s some confusion between Nandrosol and N-17E. They’re two completely different products.

Nandrosol is a topical spray like Androsol
but using nor-4-AD instead of 4-AD. In other
words, it’s delivering a diol steroid to
the system, and most of it stays this diol
steroid. The diol has activity we believe,
and there’s evidence for that, but it seems
it’s “Class II” activity, mostly not at
the androgen receptor. Some of the diol
converts to nandrolone but this is limited.
The conversion is only a rather small percentage.

The nor-4-AD acts like a much-lower-side-effects version of Dianabol,
not like Deca. Though some percentage of
the nor-4-AD does convert to nandrolone which will act like Deca. So maybe the overall
effect is best compared to a much-lower-side-effects Dianabol stacked with just a little Deca.

Nandrosol is available now.

N-17E, which has been dubbed a “pro-steroid”
to distinguish it from existing prohormones,
is a whole 'nother animal. Unlike the prohormones, its conversion rate is not a mere few percent, but approximately 100%. Unlike the prohormones, it’s orally active at very high bioavailability.

Unlike Nandrosol, N-17E doesn’t supply any diol prohormone: it supplies no nor-4-AD. Instead it converts directly to nandrolone, but only does
so in the body.

Unlike nor-4-AD, N-17E is strictly a prohormone in that it is active only after the body itself converts it to an active compound. Nor-4-AD itself seems to be active so it is both a hormone and a prohormone.

N-17E is not available yet but should be
available around the first of the year,
maybe a little sooner.

I agree with fuzzybritches,waht gives? I to was under this impression now I hear this tidbit that androsol is stronger of the two. Why would one want to pay this price for n17 when they can get androsol cheaper and it works better?Am I missing something here?

I meant to say nandrosol not n17.

B, the reason someone would want to use Nandrosol instead of Androsol is if they are particularly concerned about side effects and are willing to possibly take a little less gains in favor of using something that is
much weaker in the skin and scalp than 4-AD is. For Mr Hardcore, Androsol is the more proven
mass gainer.

N17-E around Christmas time? I know what I’m asking for! But by the way, what’s with all the ambiguous names for Biotest products? I mean, Grow! is bold and clear–no ambiguity at all. Then we get into MD6, Tribex-500, and N17-E. Why all the very un-ergonomic jumbles of letters and numbers, anyway? Is it to enhance the scientific-sounding appeal? I grant you it’s better than a competitor who names everything “X fuel” (“Placebo Fuel”, “Impulsebuy Fuel”, “GNC markup fuel”), but I’ve always wondered about the scrabble-type names.

Why would someone want to pay more for
Nandrosol over Androsol? Why does Deca
Durabolin cost more than Testosterone
Cypionate? I mean, who would want to use
Deca, costing 6-7X as much $$$$ as Testosterone

See where I am going with this? No?

OK, Nandrosol can be used by women for increasing LBM. I would not want to put a woman on Androsol.

I don’t agree with Bill on one thing.

The patent that GD Searle took out for
19-norandro back in the 1960’s (it was
esterified as a diprop ester called
Bolandiol and it was a vet steroid) compared
19-norandro to 19-nortesto (Deca) and basically
found them to be virtually identical when
given as an IM injection of the ester (go
check, Bill) with 19-norandro having about
80%-85% of the effect on LBM growth as
19-nortesto (Deca) on a mg-per-mg basis.

People, forget about this crap you here about 4-AD or 19-norandro needing to "convert" to something else to work. That's utter bullshit! Both of these are legal AAS and I don't give a flying fuck about what anyone else says. There's documented evidence that both of these are inherently anabolic in their OWN RIGHT!!!

Back to Nandrosol...

Some people don’t want something super
androgenic (relatively speaking) like
4-AD and would prefer 19-norandro.
There will be less side effects with it.
I suspect, much like Deca, Nandrosol will
be AWESOME for joint laxity.

I am telling people who want to stack them to use Androsol in the morning at 70 sprays and then Nandrosol before 4-5PM at 70 sprays. I might consider using another 15 sprays of Androsol 20 minutes befoe I hit the gym DEPENDING on the time of the day.

My guess is that Androsol + Nandrosol + "using Fina somehow" (topical or by injection) is going to replace AAS use for most recreational lifters.

It’s cheap, pretty much legal, and it will
be the ultimate stack until the N17e and
similar stuff comes out. And it may even
give those guys a run for their money!!!


What would be the recommended dosage of Nandrosol for women, Bill and Brock?

My general recommendation is, women should not use
Nandrosol because, unless they have previously used
anabolic steroids at substantial doses in the past with no
trouble and therefore proved that they have high resistance
to them, there is NO WAY TO KNOW whether permanent
side effects will occur at ANY dose until they occur: at which
point, it is too late. That’s right, it’s very possible for the first
sign to be a hoarsened, lower voice which NEVER goes
away. Can I recommend to women that they take that risk?
No. I recommend they do not.

Some will do it anyway. For them, I don’t recommend that
they do it at all, but I do recommend that they limit use to 7
sprays, which will still give quite a substantial boost to a
woman and as a bet (not a guarantee) will be safe for
MOST women but some WILL be snake-bit by it if we’re
talking about a substantial number of women using it.