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Nandrosol Vs. Androsol

Wow, that’s really weird, Nate. Guess it just
shows how people are different. Like me, I
used Androsol when it first came out and let
me tell you, I thought the “I gained 12 pounds”
line that Patterson through out was total BS.

But then I gained 11 pounds in 18 days using
nothing other than Androsol, ZMA and
Flintstone chewables. Of that 11 pounds,
3 was probably water and another 2 was
easily fat. But still, 6 pounds of LBM in
18 days is pretty good in my book.

Now this is going to sound weird but I used
injectified Fina using one of A’s kits
after that, 100mg EOD and I only gained
3 pounds in 3 weeks. I got a lot harder on
fina but it shows that different steroids
work differently for different people.

I am using Nandrosol now. I like it more than Androsol because it causes me less acne and it has a definite Deca like effect on my knees. Sucks their raising the price on it though, WTF is up with that? Any chance it will be discounted anywhere? I love this stuff.

I don't know what Brock plans to do with his Finasol idea in issue 4 of the print mag but I'll tell you my idea for my next cycle -

I just got a cart of COMPONENT TH from that
place in Florida so I have 4g of tren.

I plan on mixing this with a bottle of
Nandrosol and a bottle of Nandrosol, 2g per
bottle and using 70 sprays of “Androfin” in
the morning and then 70 sprays of “Nandrofin”
after supper. I think this is 40 days worth.

I'll post results after I am done.

Anyhow, I like Nandrosol a lot.