Nandrosol Vs. Androsol

EMS, I’m 25. Been lifting since I was 18. Been up and down and all around in the last seven years. Certain supplements have worked well and others haven’t done a thing. I think that as my body has changed, my reaction to supplements has also changed. For example, a few years ago, creatine gave me extra strength and energy. Now, when I use it, I don’t notice a thing!

I usually stick to the basics: multi-vitamin, vit C, ZMA and MRP’s. Every once in a while I throw something new in to help break a plateau. The Nandrosol didn’t do it for me. I’m currently using Tribex, and I can seriously say that I don’t have any of the positive responses to it as well. I don’t know why. I did gain a few pounds (2-3) when I first started using it. Then it leveled off. The only thing I’ve noticed is a slight increase in acne on my back. I haven’t noticed any additional sexual arousal, strength or sense of well being. Maybe I just don’t respond to these supplements for some reason. But I’m going to go through a few Tribex cycles to see. After that, I’ll have to find something else.