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Nandrosol use by women

I was talking to a guy at Biotest today about the Fat Fast and my wanting to try it. He said for me to consider using 5-7 sprays of my husband’s nandrosol so I don’t lose muscle. Any of you women try either nandrosol or the fat fast? I didn’t think we ladies could use nandrosol - but he said lots of ladies are having luck with it and no side effects. I don’t have much fat left to lose (lost over 70 lbs of pure fat and put on a good bit of muscle) but this last bit doesn’t want to budge. I’m sooo careful about my diet and I’m tired of waiting for this last bit of ab-hiding fat to go away. So the fat fast sounds like a good choice for me. Ideas? Suggestions?

No comments yet? Well maybe I’ll be a guniea pig for a bit. I’ll let you guys know(if anyone’s out there). BTW I’m a 24 year old redhead and will be trying fitness modeling soon. Does that make this more interesting to read?

Mmmmmmmmm, redhead… :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I don’t think women should use prohormones at any strength, mostly because of the potential for virilization. For a number of reasons, Nandrosol is safer in that regard than Androsol, but once a woman experiences virilization effects then there’s no going back (i.e., they’re irreversible, no matter what someone tells you). Besides, I’m not even sure that there’s a way to dose prohormones effectively while avoiding the potential for virilization, since an effective dose will by default also have the potential for such side effects. (In other words, a dose that low won’t provide anything other than a placebo benefit.) I’d recommend you go with Methoxy-7 and increase protein consumption to build up some more LBM, and then your dieting will be all that much more effective the next time around. Also, the resultant increase in muscle mass will only help your fitness competitional goals.

I’ve thought of trying it, and posted on the FFSG to see if any other women had. I got no responses. My body is extremely resistant to any fat loss, so I wanted to give this a try! Let me know how it works. And as for the nandrosol, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. Even when I was doing my boyfriend’s sprays I avoided contact with his skin for 20 minutes. If you’re going to get an effect you have to have a minimum dosage level and that doseage could cause irreversable changes. I’d rather have extra pounds.

Michelle…I replied…just took me a few days…but I did reply to you…it is on the FFSG string

Hey ironbabe…my T-vixen likes redheads and so do I :)!!

i know a few womwen that have used nandrosol with great success and no side effects with doses around 7 sprays or so

Kevin, and anyone else who has seen or knows women trying Nandrosol…can you give more details? Is fat coming off easier? Is muscle gained more quickly? Both? Any emotional side effects? Any libido changes?