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This may be a stupid question, but unless I’ve been reading wrong, all of the stacks I’ve seen say to use the Androsol/Nandrosol for the two weeks, then start the Tribex at the end…

What’s the reasoning behind this? Is there a reason not to start both at the same time?

Thanks guys!

The theory here is that Tribex may work mostly
or entirely indirectly, by increasing LH and/or
increasing T, but that might be blocked if
T production was shut down anyway by high androgen levels. However, that theory might
not be correct if there’s only partial inhibition with Androsol. I don’t know.

And are you the “Stone Cold” that I used
to correspond with, and met a couple of years
ago when you kindly invited me for a hunting
trip? It was MUCH appreciated and I’ve
regretted not staying in touch… seems like
I have a hard disk crash every 6-12 months
and wind up losing all old e-mail, and then
can’t contact people unless they write me.
So if it’s you, again thanks! and please
write anytime!

Sorry, not the same one, but you’re more than welcome to come on a hunting trip with me if your ever in Nebraska…although I don’t know why in the hell anyone would be.

Thanks for the info, though. I hope I do as well on this as the Androsol/Tribex cycle.