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Nandrosol Question!

Are you guys sure that Nandrosol is a little less powerful than Androsol? I know a lot of guys that are pretty convinced that norandrodiol is more powerful than androdiol so I don’t know why Nandrosol wouldn’t be more powerful than Androsol. That would RULE!!!

Actually, Joshua, we don’t know that for sure. It’s possible it could be as effective or more effective.

I don’t feel like we can necessarily translate results from oral dosing at low doses to transdermal at high doses. I am also not
confident that these anecdotal reports are
correct, but I’ve heard the same thing you
have here. Basically, the results from taking
200 or 300 mg of either of these products
a couple of times a day are so low that
it has to be hard to tell which is “more”
effective – neither is very effective!

I have almost no feedback on high dose (like 2 grams a day) oral 4-AD vs. high dose nor-4-AD
because seems like virtually no one uses
high dose oral nor-4-AD. So that comparison
cannot be made either.

What about our beta testing? Not conclusive,
can’t tell which gives better gains but there
could be a difference. You’d have to have
quite a lot of subjects and do quite a lot
of cycles to be sure about small differences.

So why do we say it is probably a little
less effective than Androsol? It’s because
there is published scientific data showing
nor-4-AD to be a little less anabolic when
injected than 4-AD is. And to have about
twice as good an anabolic/androgenic
ratio, so you get less side effects for
any given amount of anabolic effect.

Might it wind up being more effective
than 4-AD as a topical for athletes? It might but the scientific evidence says, best bet is it’s a little less.


Please define what you mean by "powerful"?

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that mg per mg, 4-AD will cause more gains in LBM than 19-nor-4-AD will.


19-nor-4-AD can be used by women with a much higher margin of safety. It is less likely to cause acne and hair loss (IMHO). It's a safer choice for sure.