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Nandrosol = Joint relief?

Any theories as to if Nandrosol will have the same ‘joint soothing’ properties for which Deca is famous? And if so, would it merely mask the pain or perhaps actually have some regenerative benefits? Of course, I realize that these may be difficult questions to answer in a definitive manner but I’m just looking for educated conjecture.

We’ll just have to wait and see on this one.
Definitely it’s not something we promise. Whether or not blood nandrolone levels will
be high enough isn’t clear. Like Androsol,
where most of the activity is we believe as
4-AD itself, not from testosterone from 4-AD, I expect most of Nandrosol’s activity
to be from nor-4-AD, not from nandrolone,
though there most certainly is significant
conversion to nandrolone.

Deca doesn’t work as a pain killer at joints.
It has no analgesic properties.
How it works isn’t clear, but it definitely
seems to speed actual healing.

I can see no reason why Nandrosol will not
have similar properties to Deca WRT to
joint laxity. I am confident that it will.

Boldenone seems to have similar properties WRT to joints so there is no reason to think 19-norandro won't either.

I could be wrong…but will know for sure
pretty soon :slight_smile: